Tech Talk #3 - SpaceX Launch, Tesla Skyrocketing, Social Media and the Need for Platforms Like Hive

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This week was a big one for technology. We saw the Dragon capsule launch by SpaceX & NASA where the first humans to ever be launched by a private company went without a hitch. This is also the first human launch on a reusable rocket.

Seeing the astronauts flying toward space while the booster rocket landed back here on Earth to be reused in a later flight is an incredible thing to witness.

We’re also living in an interesting time for the stock market as we see the valuations of many companies reach back to their all time highs amidst an economy in turmoil. We talked Tesla and our thoughts about where the stock is and what the company is doing.

Then we finished off the discussion by diving into the latest issues with Social Media as companies like Twitter battle with Trump while companies like Facebook seem to be bending the knee. The case for decentralized platforms like Hive has never been stronger than today and it seems that the need is continually growing.

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In This Episode:

  • 0:00 - SpaceX
  • 6:00 - Tesla
  • 13:22 - Social Media
  • The Need for Decentralized Platforms

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