2022 the year of Web 3.0 & Why It Matters

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Envisioned by O'Reilly and others between 1999 and 2004, Web 2.0 moved the world from static desktop web pages designed for information feeding to interactive experiences and user-generated content. The rise of Web 2.0 has been largely driven by three major levels of innovation: mobile, social and cloud.


Before looking further into Web3, here's a brief overview of Web3 and the evolution of the Internet.

  • Web1: Content is presented to the user.
  • Web2: Content you create and distribute to users
  • Web3: Content created by users and distributed to users on user-controlled platforms.

While the Web 2.0 wave continues to be bearing fruit, we also are seeing the primary shoots of boom emerge from the following massive paradigm shift in net applications, logically entitled Web 3.0. As tough to trust as it'd seem, Web 3.0, is an excellent even greater essential disruption, one that during time will depart the whole lot hitherto in its shade. It is a soar ahead to open, trustless and permissionless networks.

  • Open in that they're constructed from open supply software program constructed via way of means of an open and handy network of builders and performed in complete view of the world.
  • Trustless in that the community itself lets in contributors to have interaction publicly & privately without a depended on other 3rd party.
  • Permissionless in that anyone, each customer and suppliers, can take part without authorisation from a governing body.

Web 3.0 provides a future where decentralized users and machines can interact with data, value, and other parties through peer-to-peer networking substrates without third parties. Resulting a configurable, human-centric, privacy-protecting computing framework for the next wave of the Internet. The Web 3.0 space is really in its infancy, but it's gaining momentum. Web 3.0 is gaining enough momentum to become the dominant topic of tech this year.

Why it Matters:

  • Web 3.0 has greatly improved the digital experience of users and has also ensured the security of online applications. Go beyond the concept of a basic website and create your own web. Web 3.0 makes all data available to multiple intelligent applications, making services available everywhere.
  • Web 3.0 provides a much more personalized browsing experience for all of us. The website can automatically adapt to best suit the device, location and accessibility needs we may have, and the web application will be much more tailored to our usage habits.

How does it work?

As with any new technology, it is still being improved. To access the decentralized web, people only need a seed. It will be a single asset that provides interaction with dApps and other services. People will still use web browsers to access the internet, and it will be visually convenient for web 2.0 users.

  • Instead of Google Drive or Dropbox, we use services such as Storj, Siacoin, Filecoin or IPFS technology to distribute and store files.
  • Instead of Skype, there are platforms like Experty.io and Wechat Status instead of WhatsApp
  • Provides access to new networks on platforms like Essentia.one and EOS instead of operating systems like iOS and Android.
  • Brave browser acts as Chrome, and Ethlance can replace Upwork.

Web3 is revolutionizing what we trust. It does this by building a new configuration of the Internet based on peer-to-peer exchanges. We trust our code, not anyone else. Code is the organization between the division of powers of users, miners, and developers.

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