Book Review: What To Do When Machines Do Everything by Frank, Roehrig, and Pring

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Another thrift store gem I thought; as a technology wonk this book instantly attracted me. It was published in 2017, and so far we are steadily marching towards the future they describe. That being said, it's a future that's not hard to predict if you're actually paying attention. This leads me to believe this book is targeted towards those who are uninformed about technology or current trends. If technology interests you at all, you will probably find a lot of 'preaching to the choir' here.

Frankly I'm surprised to see anything in this book, but I found two whole pages on blockchain. Within these two pages there was absolutely no mention of Bitcoin, which I found strange. It clearly follows the subversive 'blockchain not Bitcoin' attack that became so prevalent in 2017. It later became clear to me upon reading the acknowledgements.

We greatly appreciate the support of Roubini ThoughtLab, an independent research group overseen by renowned U.S. economist Nouriel Roubini. …helped us conduct our global study on how businesses can respond to the emerging digital economy.

For those of you who don't know, Roubini is hypercritical of Bitcoin, level 11. He is on my Bitcoin hater Mount Rushmore along with Peter Schiff. Here are some of his gems:


This revelation really spoiled the book for me, and thus I cannot really recommend it. It gives a passing consideration to one of the biggest drivers of innovation going forward. The book wasn't a complete waste of time. It was an easy read and presented a nice package of current technological trends. Though I think that its quick nod to 'blockchain' will turn out to be a gaping hole. FU Roubini.

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