Tech: The Cost Of Accessibility & Entry-Point

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As a young man, I was obsessed with phones, they were the only things I had in place of friends, due to my niggling health situations. I remembered the first phone I bought and owned was a Sagem in 2011, in today's Nigerian currency it was worth about N3500, (which had no access to the internet) however, with 5000 Nigerian naira, you would be able to buy a Nokia N70, accessibility to the internet.

The truth was that back then, phones were not considered investments, this was because its biggest use case was accessibility to Google, Facebook, and for calls.

Gaming: Paying For Fun

However, I forgot to mention that gaming was a particular indulgence that sold most mobile phones in Nigeria, I saved about 2 months of my salary as an 18-year-old to be able to afford a 6000 naira Nokia 2700, a complete piece of tech, with access to real football 2007, mortal Kombat, need for speed and so many others.

I suffered from severe lack and need after spending my salary for two months, but it was worth the accessibility, the idea of paying for socialization on Facebook, gaming, and talking to white girls was worth the money.

The Cost Of Sophistication

This was how a teenager in Nigeria defined Sophistication in 2012. However, people who we're older never understood the craze to be online, it was expensive, somewhat of a luxury rather than a necessity. so spending such money on them is like satisfying particular futility.

3500 naira in 2011 was enough to do a little shopping, you could easily buy five clothes, maybe two pairs of trousers and three shirts, but mostly I spent money on techy devices rather than clothes or goods.


Another thing is that the more recognized techs were laptops. Owning a series of laptops means a person could own a cyber cafe, where they could make money by selling internet time to curious teenagers. In 2011, people paid money to access Facebook and Google.


A lot of young people back in 2011 were exposed to the idea of the internet simply because they wanted to buy forms to enter university. So most young people knew what was Google and Facebook by mistakenly accessing the internet in other to do something different.

The idea of meeting white dudes and sending friend requests to fine women online was a pleasing concept, so firstly, people paid money to quell their curiosity, secondly, they paid money to socialize beyond their geographical location.

Socialization Before Monetization

You must understand that Facebook sold the idea of internet socialization, before the whole monetization thing came, the whole idea was for people to firstly talk to people outside the countries before connecting with others in the country.

Owning a Facebook account in 2011 was a status marker. The reason for this is that if you own a Facebook account, it's either you owned a phone with accessibility to the internet or you had access to a Cyber Cafe, whatever it was, people held such people in high esteem because spending money to get this accessibility was expensive, it was considered a luxury before a necessity.


While living in Nigeria was very affordable in 2011, the cost of using tech or the entry point to internet accessibility was very expensive and this was because tech in its earliest stage was limited. Nowadays entry point to the internet is easier, while the cost of living did about 1000X.

Why is this?

Competition, more options, better choices, sophistication, and more ways to achieve affordable entry point

Tech: The Continuous Impact

Over time, we've come to discover that spending on tech has more use cases, some of the things that made no sense and had no use case are currently Indispensable at the moment. Being on Facebook did pay off for me at one point. I had my first gig in 2015.

I was paid to write content for a lifestyle website. It wasn't a gig I landed on a platter, by 2015, I had already done some paid collaboration with friends from the Netherlands and South Africa, writing artistic and poetic content.

From Facebook, I got wind of a crowdsourcing website that paid people. Over time, I felt I was meant to be on the web, as I had a series of failed jobs over the years.

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It seems you're just meant to be online bro, looking back at how you've traveled to this far.
By the way I completely forgot about Mortal combat game which I played in my younger days, I could say am meant to be a gamer as well 😃

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I've tried so many ventures in life and it never worked and besides most of the things I've done is online, basically I got a life online and I bless God for keeping me stubborn if not, I would have listened to naysayers in life, but sincerely it's been awesome and amazing thus far.

Hahaha mortal Kombat can br crazy, imagine gaming now without incentives hahaha.

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I was obsessed with playing games on my phone back then, I remembered my first Facebook was in 2010 and the second one was in 2011 and I use to buy time often in cafe then just on Facebook but many things has changed now because is another world on it own now

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I remember it was a Nokia phone and I used for 3years before I got Sony k700

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Facebook is now all about money money Money. Back then it was different we all loved the concept of socialization as it were. These days I guess we don't even use it anymore except to check up on your old friends. What was your first java phone?

I'm the early adopter in my family as well as the in-house tech support. Because of my job in telephony, I had early access to the latest in high-speed internet. People would come over to try it out with me to get an early look at what was next.

The real status symbol here was/is anything made by Apple. Their products tend to lead the industry (giving them something to copy from), but also tend to hold their value over time. They're aspirational devices and in my opinion, worth the price. I'm excited for the future of crypto and tech, and can't wait to experience what's next!

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The real status symbol here was/is anything made by Apple. Their products tend to lead the industry (giving them something to copy from), but also tend to hold their value over time.

This was the same in Nigeria, but it wasn't until 2016, at least, from what I know that iPhones and apple products became a thing... A sort of status marker. Back then tech was expensive in Nigeria, I thought if feels someone to be the techy guy back then, like there was this sort of importance hahaha. How did you feel?

Maybe I was a little too important in the eyes of some. :) Word began to spread, and I was not only fixing family computer issues, but also picking out new systems for people at work as well!

But the good feeling you get when you help an elderly person send their first email was magical. That sense of empowering them to demystify "this thing of ours" called the internet is something I'll never forget. (BTW, HIVE is over $0.80 right now).

There's this sense of "greater good" that comes with being techy, feels like you're miles ahead of them in most ramifications. I was the tech type but just to an intermediate level and it really helped me a lot.

I see Hive now, it's up to 90 cents, whew! No one prepared me for these pumps. It's crazy, I didn't know if this was the Koreans but it feels good already

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The internet, cellphones, and computers were all game changers. Once I got one, I couldn't stop myself from being there and it's kind of surprising to see industries grow just around them. Like games, you can stream or make videos.

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The internet was definitely a ground breaker. I checked my humble beginning and saw how impactful it's been in my life.

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In as much as young guys would do anything (most things we done then were legit anyway except yahoo) to get a phone and be on Facebook which was the prominent social media then, I did not involve myself much till I was almost in senior secondary school. But I utilized my friends phone a lot to play games and games only before I was gifted a phone which was seized till I almost left school.

From your story here, even the net knows you should be around considering the sacrifices...some will deprive themselves of lunch to be able to save!!

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Omo!!! You’ve really explored the internet o.

Btw, I remember that Sagem 😂. My first phone was Hisense and all I could do was make calls and send messages.

I was in SS1 when I opened a Facebook account, I paid for 1hr just to press the computer😂. I remember how happy I was when someone sent me friend request.

I’ve never done any gig online… Hive can easily pass as the first.