Samsung Galaxy M31; The Game Changer? (A Sentimental Review)

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Over the past few years Samsung has consolidated on making mid range devices that would suit the demand of the market and currently now I'll choose Samsung over devices like One plus, iPhone, Huawei or even Xiaomi made devices which produces solid or decent phones. However if I'm going to be going for a pick, I'll have the dilemma of either going for Google Pixel devices or even choosing Samsung. However since Google pixel devices are expensive (Google pixel 3 should be around 450$), I'll be going for a decent Samsung device and currently my pick would be Samsung galaxy M31.

I however used a Samsung galaxy A51 recently but then it's been stolen and not that I can afford a galaxy m31 currently but then I see it as a device that has all round quality and I'm going to be talking about this. First of all I'm a sucker for battery life and this might be because I come from a country where there's no stable electricity. So the M31 comes with a huge 6000 mah battery and the Samsung owned Exynos 9611 (10nm) powerful chipset which for me comes after the sophisticated Snapdragon 855 which you can find on devices like Samsung s20 plus, Xiaomi Mi 9T Lenovo Z5 Pro and so many other devices, suprisingly the Google Pixel 4XL comes with it too.

Currently Snapdragon 855 is the best chipset and then followed by Exynos by Samsung and then Huawei's own Kirin chipset and to know that Samsung owns of the best chipset is amazing although in some other lower devices like Samsung galaxy A21 you'll find the Mediatek Helio which of course is a really inferior with well not so splendid processing capacity. However the Samsung galaxy M31 is a midrange device that has it all, it comes with a solid quad camera and basically the selling point is a 64mp main camera. Although I'll say Korean and Chinese measurement of MP in camera is slightly different from US measurement and a 12mp US produced phone camera might be better than a Korean camera phone that came with a 48mp camera.


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However I think anyone that has used a Samsung phone will understand that it overheats and consumes a lot of battery but the Samsung galaxy M31 promises about 36 hours under heavy usage and about 60 hours under light usage and this for me is huge. It's a really decent device for gaming and PUGB is smooth and awesome playing on the M31. So for someone who's not really Into gaming I'll say this is a plus, the speed of the M31 is awesome and this is only rivalled by the Samsung A90 which is miles costlier and of course it's 4G LTE enabled. Truth is if you're a person looking to have a good photography entry experience, this phone is your best bet

Of course there are better devices but then they're all high end devices and cost outrageous. The price currently is about 137,000 naira in Nigeria currency and it still qualifies for a mid range device, actually one of the best produced mid range device. Although Xiaomi did well with the Redmi note 9PRO but then IPS DISPLAY of the Redmi note 9 Pro didn't come close to the super Amoled display packed by this Samsung and the 5020 battery of the 9Pro might seem smaller compared to the 6000 of the Samsung might just be level on performance. However Samsung galaxy M31 it is for me, it's the game changer when it comes to mid range devices

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6000mAh? Thst batter capacity is really huge when compared with other devices Samsung usually produce. I'm currently using a Samsung device which I purchased since March last year and everything is working perfectly. The downside is its battery capacity which is not that substantial for heavy users like me.

Yeah 6000 is really huge and that's one of the biggest selling point, the camera is about 64mp main and it's actually one of the best phones you'll get out there on a midrange. Samsung has decided to up the ante in terms of battery

Yeah, I am considering upgrading my device y next year and I will definitely be going for Samsung device once again.

I almost bought Samsung galaxy M31 yesterday 😀 but at the last payment page, tried to do a search and saw M31s launching tomorrow, i.e. July 30. Waiting to see the price and spec - will buy either one.

M31s is for the Asian market I guess and it might have a lower battery life maybe 4500 MaH but then it'll be beastly hahaha I feel the camera will be better than the M31 and the processor might just be Snapdragon, it'll be amazing lol. July 30 isn't so far anymore, you'll do a review right?

Ya, if I buy it 😀, else I already like M31 and go for it.

Recently, I have thought of getting a Samsung phone, I needed a better experience and I think the Samsung Galaxy M31 is just cool from the features you mentioned. 6000 mAh battery capacity is just too good , but the cost is high, I had made a budget of 80,000 naira and it's less compare to 134k

Well for this budget you can go for a redmi note 8 pro ROM 64, then RAM 4,

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I would have gone for that, but my love for Samsung Galaxy is strong

Hahaha cost and choice there at work. Truth is, you'll have to save to get it then. I hope to get the M40 maybe when it comes out next year. I'm hoping to have money by then.

You can also buy galaxy A31 for 102k

If I have 102k ,I do just better wait to get that of the 134k. Maybe that will be a phone I will use forever afterward. Lolz. Just a thought for now

You can go for Samsung Galaxy A30. It's a good bet for your budget. Check out its review here

Thanks man

Na big men full this place oh.. chai all this phones no be my range at all.

I love Samsung phones, so to get something I would be able to afford, I am planning on getting the Samsung s8 that was made in 2017. That should cost around 85k for a new open box or maybe a fairly used one. But that's when I have the money Sha 😂.

Now ehn, money scarce and plenty things to buy. Before I get that Samsung. Chai I hope it won't have to wait still next year because of other stuffs in the lists of wants.

It's battery life is really huge and I particularly like the phone for that reason.

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