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RE: Israel Opens Up First Lab-Grown Meat Restaurant

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Apart from any underlying health effect that comes from eating grown meat, I basically feel it's even cheaper and more efficient to grow Meat I of course don't think my country would seek such advancement in technology but Israel is making moves

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If successful in the developed countries, it will quickly spread. Especially if the prices on the bioreactors drops where other nations can get involved.

Just like the Internet spread, technological ideas, if embraced, end up going global.

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Yeah I feel it might get cheaper only if it spreads and the cost of the initial production isn't really huge. But then cost always decline with time. Lol the world will wait

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I think the cost of lab grown ground beef went from $300K a pound in 2013 to $11 by 2019. Still a high price at $11 in the US but a lot cheaper than $300K.

Regular ground beef is like $2 a pound here so it still has to drop a lot more.

I cant speak to the taste of it yet.

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It still can drop but then, from 300k to 11$ that's good it can still go cheaper but then there's a lot of hope at the moment it'll gain traction when it becomes cheaper.

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