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RE: STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential

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I'll be supporting it from after I'm relatively not a stem writer so erhmm I'll leave it to the gurus, but then stemgeeks have my maximum support and I see it's totally decent too

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That is true. Most of us are not traditional STEM writers. However, just in interacting with you, you do have an understanding of technology. That is equally as applicable.

Discussing technological subjects in ways that average people can understand is very valuable. It is no longer just a techy game.

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You don't have to be a natural STEM writer, I welcome all types of content as simple as talking about your favorite gadgets and amateur opinions of science and technology.

While I'd love to have professors and journalists come on to STEMGeeks, it isn't a requirement.

Yeah most of us definitely are not natural STEM writers. I decided not to dive in talking tech too because I feel bit might be below par and not up to a quality standard, but one thing I'll do is to get into STEM, engage and become a least a minute part of it.

I find it best to avoid the too technical stuff. At that level, I get into trouble.

If I deal with the more everyday stuff people can understand, written so a middle school kid could understand, I find myself doing better with it.

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I love when people write posts about their favorite gadgets. Don't need to be technical to talk about how a new Juicer changed your life or how you love the new iPhone 12.

Does her review belong on STEMGeeks or DPorn?


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Could potentially be both. Probably get more views on STEMGeeks.

Yeah DPorn as the most popular market on the Internet yet have no traction.

Sad to see what happen, or rather didnt happen, with that project.

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I always tell people, everyone has a dPorn account, you just need to make your first post! Apparently my marketing didn't help.