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RE: The End Of Banking

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Google is like a leech that sucks data and preys on on anywhere they're likely to get data and I'm not surprised they decided to agree to that partnership since they'll get access to the data of existing customers. It's kinda crazy how coperate entities want to expand their reach, robotise jobs and make it difficult for people to benefit, it's becoming crazier

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They are basically committing suicide. Get in bed with a rattlesnake and you will get bit.

Google has a history of using data in ways that the average CEO cannot even fathom.

They will do the same thing here which means that banks will end up holding nothing. Data is the real value, the rest is basically just a lot of expense.

This is why the major tech companies can operate at such huge margins. Google is not looking to set up branches all over the world. They prefer to have an app that is downloaded.

They will have millions of branches open...every smartphone the app is on is a branch in their eyes.

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And that downloaded app will then serve as a tool to gather these datas which they basically put out for sale, a Google branch? I don't think I've ever heard of that, it's all one single powerful entity aimed at controlling from the top

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They can sell it but, more likely, they will use the data to further target people. Just like they draw up algorithms to censor people, manipulate search results or remove content, they can do the same here. Except, this time, they have financial data which is a lot more revealing than just search history.

After all, our financial transactions tell most everything about us.

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Sadly so, it's really surprising to see how deep these people have eaten deep into our private lives, these datas represents us and us to the fullest and they just manipulate and control it

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It's true, these big techs monitors people's lives through and through. I made a search on Google about days ago concerning the price of Samsung galaxy M31s and up untill now Facebook wouldn't stop showing me Samsung ads

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Sadly, they control all that we view. If they did not want you to have a favorable impression of that device, they would have simply highlighted a vast amount of sites blasting it.

Now they will bombard you with Samsumg related ads because you are pegged as a person with that interest now.

Expect 6 months ads.

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It's crazy, including online service providers like Jumia, their ads are everywhere it's like the search on Google Awakened everything and everytime I log into any site with AD sense it's Samsung I see and the algorithm for these is really potent. The web just needs Decentralisation away from Google and the cohorts

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Advertising is how commerce was added to the internet.

Remember, ecommerce is not native to the internet protocols. It was omitted which allowed for the establishment of the siloed platforms like you mentioned.

Ads are everywhere and cryptocurrency can help to break that. But it will take a while since it is still the mindset.

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Privacy is now gone. We havent had it in a long time. Everything we do is monitored.

We truly live in the surveillance state. Unfortunately, it isnt only the governments that are monitoring us. Big tech is now surpassing the government entities and trying to reach even further.

It is a reason I keep harping upon decentralization issue; I feel it critically important.

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