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RE: Thoughts About Hive Never Leave Vitalik Buterin's Mind

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Well it doesn't really matter if he (vitalik) enjoys his own space, I don't think it was good you asked when he'd join. Nevertheless; its impressive the way he makes use of hive, makes reference to it in that article. This proves that most of these top guns recognises hive for the super blockchain it is, how community and decentralised rules rather than stunch ownership and indirect control. The steem ninja mined stake was always a weapon and to say it wasn't going to be used never happened. Eventually it was and im glad we have Hive now. Maybe someday he will get to join.

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Let's hope he will join one day. I am just glad he keeps using Hive as an example. That is also valuable.

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Yeah this is also valuable too as well. Having such a huge follower base it would definitely count for something with time I guess. People are out there searching for a true decentralised blockchain

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Always a chance that it will go off if you're sleeping with a loaded gun on your bedside table..

For me personally I never took Steem very serious because of the rampant use of bidbots, haejins and premined stakes.

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Hahaha I never did too, nowadays it's just a place for leeching.