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Building a community around your cryptocurrency project is almost as important as building an interesting use-case for a cryptocurrency project, you’d find it hard agreeing with this anyways, but to a large extent, this is a fact. Community-owned projects have thrived over the years as well as projects with a very strong community—this is probably the most obvious example.

Importance of an enthusiastic community cannot be underestimated, especially in revolutionary concepts such as cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, building a community itself doesn’t come easily. They say a good project attracts a good community, while this is a fact, many good projects have been unable to attract the exact sort of community they deserve while some inferior projects have attracted an amazing community which have pushed its success to high-levels…underserved levels, LOL.

The task of building a community thus faces every project, many projects employ different means in the quest to gain their project a deserving followership, the social media have been a principal force in this aspect, and projects have utilized the provisions of different social media applications to promote their project; twitter, reddit, facebook…just to mention very few. These applications offer different means of building a community and engaging with your community to promote your project and reach out to more audience.

But, what if you could get all (most) of these services in just one application? Amazing right? Well, there you go!


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Holdex is an all-in-one community building application which offers cryptocurrency projects resourceful community building tool to simplify community building and encourage community growth while reducing the day-to-day stress this could cause.

Let your voice be heard

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The crypto space is a very democratic environment which gives every participant an opportunity to air their view about cryptocurrency and blockchain projects and well as the technology itself. New product and services, existing products and services? An active member of the crypto space has something to say about these, always. Holdex gives everyone a voice, an equal voice. With your account created on holdex, members are able to share their opinion and reviews to a growing crowd of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Holdex also provides an interactive platform and fuels engagement between users on the platform. Reviews on the platform are open to the contribution of every other user on the platform.

Lead your community!

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Are you affiliated to any cryptocurrency project and wish to contribute to the growth of its social media presence? Holdex could be a very good tool for you. Holdex offers project teams an opportunity to build communities on the platform. As a leader on the holdex platform, a user will be able to create a community for their project and fast-track community building using holdex platform’s services which includes building and utilizing a mailing list.

Make crypto fun again!

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Holdex is an enticing platform with different activities targeted at incentivizing user participation on the platform and creating a fun-laden cryptocurrency engagement platform. Cryptocurrency projects are able to organize exclusive giveaways and airdrops for their followers to reward user engagements and keep community members coming back for more.
Holdex also features a wallet facility that allows users to receive rewards earned on the platform directly to their personal wallets.

A new home for DYOR?

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Just like the popular review platform, yelp, holdex allows cryptocurrency researchers to find more relevant information about a project to assist them in their decision-making process. Authenticity of a project can be easily verified via user feedbacks on holdex, with the democracy on the holdex platform, users are compelled to air their most sincere view on a project. This forms a great utility for investors and traders doing their own research. Project reputation on the platform will help a user decide if this is a safe investment, or otherwise.

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