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RE: 3-D Printers: Advancing Us Into The Space Age

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Well considering how expensive things are, I think 3D printers will make the process both cheaper and faster. I think space age is still a bit far off since we haven't even made a base outside earth yet though.

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agree it would be easy with the help of 3d printer to build things in outer space with fewer workers helping in building it

That is also a possible use case, 3-D printing things once out there. I believe there is a 3_d printer on the ISS.

This article pertains to the actually 3-D printing of the rockets and its parts.

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I know they recycle the waste and make a new part with 3d printer

Driving down costs should certainly accelerate things. We will see how quickly this will come about. My presumption is that next year will be important since many of these 3-D printed rockets will be fired up.

We will see if they can get airborne without blowing up.

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