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RE: 3D Printed Homes: More Disruption Coming

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Actually one of the things in California's market is that housing prices only started to skyrocket more recently. The biggest issue with 3D housing taking off in California is all the environmental groups. I agree that we should keep the environment in mind but most of these lawsuits they file only delay and increase costs.

The cost of building a home in California is purposely due to 1) environmental reports and reviews, 2) lawsuits and 3) finally the cost of the labor. In the case 1, they are required to pay a top level expert to review the plan and ensure there are no adverse impacts. In case 2, they just file lawsuits discrediting case 1 and other issues. In fact these law suits can end up being filed by many groups: environmental groups, competition and labor unions. They are doing so for their own goals. In case 3 the labor of union workers cost far more than non-union workers and sometimes the law suits will be dropped so long as they use union workers.

Just for your knowledge, most of these lawsuits blocking the construction tend to fail but it is very costly. The competition benefits from the profits, environmental groups can brag to their donors and labor unions guarantee work for their memners.

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And those same institutions went up against the automobile industry 30 years ago and failed.

The ADU are already approved in many areas of California and do not require environmental studies since they often end up on occupied land.

At the end of the day, the existing system, all aspects are going to come under attack. Those that adapt and embrace changes will move ahead, those that do not will get left behind.

This includes states.

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It won't stop them from trying. Most of these lawsuits are just for their own gain and doesn't exactly help the housing problem in California. I hope that ADU takes off so they lose their leverage.

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