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RE: Should We Trust Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Vision?

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Personally I think he is a trust worthy person and I have no reason to doubt he is truthful. I think Microstrategy has been great in promoting the crypto space as well. With all the BTC bulls, I think it will definitely at least have the market cap of gold in the future.

I don't think BTC will be the main currency. There are just too many downsides to the economy since it incentivizes savings due to the diminishing supply every halving. As a store of value though, BTC is great and it is a very liquid asset when they need money.

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Yes, I agree it is a great store of value. Perhaps other coins can be used as a currency for daily small transactions.



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wow! Thank You!!!

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This was really a surprise. I think, you didn't expect either this would be the result of the first BOOM's statement.

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