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RE: Build Your Hive Bags First....

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Well I am slowly building my bags on chain. Each month, I try to add a little bit to every single thing I can.

Since I moved into the DEC pool on Cub Finance, part of my SPS airdrop is now on Binance so I am wondering if it goes to my BSC wallet or does it go to the Splinterlands wallet.

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should have received your airdrop right? I think it's the second claim button next to the in-game one..

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Yea I haven't claimed it just yet though. I am waiting for the value to be big enough before converting it into BUSD. For now, I am thinking I might use the BUSD if I plan on moving more DEC over or to buy back SPS at a lower price.

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Ahh I think you're talking the cub here? Was referring too the sps claim from the bsc. That is right next to the regular one.

Just noticed: when I added a bunch more dec-bsd to the farm my cub were claimed too.. do you know if it auto claims every once in a while or at certain values or when you add more liquidity as it seems that was what triggered it.

Could save on costs to add more liquidity instead of only claiming.. if that is the case

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Every time you interact with your balance it automatically claims whatever has built up.

Thought that's what happened, thanks for confirming!

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It's in your BSC wallet which you connect to your Splinterlands account in the game. Once it's connected you'll see your airdrop show up on the same screen as it shows up for everything else. Just a different wallet. Easy to claim.

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