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RE: HiveCommunityStats(HCS) tool announcement - Get your data + Get rewarded for engaging with others in LeoFinance , CTPTalk , SPS . Next on list - STEM

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Question: When does the time reset so we know when comments count?

Just for reference. I thought I commented more on some topics but it may of counted towards the previous day.

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Hey @jfang003 . I will display the date and time right away . All the time is in UTC so when it hits 00:00:00 on UTC time it will reset .

I just pulled your data and seems like you have made 23 comments today and out of it 19 from leofinance , is that what it showed?

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Yes that is what it currently shows for me. Also collected rewards for LEO. Though I don't think I'll make 10 for CTP and SPORTS.

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I just added the time and also in next update ( most probably on sunday ) I will put more data like last 2 days posts details and comment details so it will be more clear :)

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Nice. That would be very nice so people know exactly what they need to do. Less confusion when claiming rewards is a good thing.

Hey it is just 7 23 am right now UTC . You got plenty of time.

OOps. I need to start computation to know where my time zone syncs.

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Ah I think in long term it won't matter . You have to just focus on completing in 24 hours , only the first day it will matter.