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RE: Engagement on Tribes = Ad Revenue = High token price. Past 90 days comments data - LeoFinance high and stable in activity , we are creating history in other tribes.

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I see you implemented what I asked for and it happened so quickly afterwards. I think it should of been easy just changing the dates and parsing the data given the data in your tool since you were already pulling the number of comments from each front-end.

I think it didn't include the unique amount of users so it's nice to know this data too.

Overall I think the data looks nice as it shows that more people are willing to use the different front-ends. LeoFinance shows minor improvements but CTP and SPORTS have show a noticeable difference.

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You are right , I just had to make some minor changes to get this :) But I always cross check my whole code when I post something new though as to not make any mistakes lol .

CTP and SPORTS , yes there is a good amount of quality comments being made on both platforms . The SPORTS delegation is increasing day by day to the project too which will help give bigger upvotes and also attract more users.

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Glad to hear you get more delegations, it's crucial for the success of the project. Are you happy with the progress so far?

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Yes , I am very happy with how things are going with respect to the project but I still have ideas .

One of my biggest challenges right now is to provide maximum APR to delegators and at the same time to maintain the growth of the account . I don't like to power down , I want to keep the 50% as it is staked so I am trying to figure out how I can maximize the APR .