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RE: Vote diversification - LeoFinance curators are upvoting how many authors on an average? ( Python codes )

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I am probably in that 11-50 pile and I should look to diversify a little bit more. I am surprised that we have so 6.3% is 100 people or more. I might be in the 51-100 pile if I am lucky but I have keeping my activity to my feed and leomarkettalk.


Well if you wish to know it I will post your stats here , let me know .

I usually avoid posting others data unless they are okay with it.

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Yea I would like to see my data. Maybe I am lagging behind the pack by not diversifying enough.

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From 25th Feb to 4th March ( till 5 AM UTC ) -
0.325 is the total curation reward earned by @jfang003,
You have got curation rewards by upvoting to 311 different posts/comments, 74 unique authors

Not really bad but yeah could be better.

Yea it could definitely be better. At least I am in the top 25% for upvoting unique authors. But I really should be in the 100+ unique authors given the amount of comments I have been making everyday.

You are actually in top 15% . There were totally 1711 curators for that period and your rank was 254 .

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