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RE: What Tribe Miner has the best ROI?

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Why are these called "Miners"? Mining has two parts... work in and money extracted. If i'm not mistaken this is Money in and money extracted... so these are more investment machines? Interest generating contracts? (that can be bought and sold) Calling them miners seems to me very disingenuous they seem nothing like any other type of mining specially in the crypto world mining is when they perform tasks and then perhaps strike it rich after quite a bit of work (the work doesn't even have to be done by humans).

Was calling it "mining" simply a way of doing some sort of investment funding under the guise of a more lawfully accepted practice like "mining"? Generating funds for the tribe is fine but the question comes back to why is it called "mining" because it's a fun name and one that people are familiar with? Or was it to avoid legal issues because if so it would be insanely easy to see right through this. So I hope you all stay safe I do care about you guys but if that was the reason for calling it "mining" it won't stand up ... at all. But perhaps there is another reason for calling it mining that i'm not seeing. (this post is all about ROI and investments.)
Maybe @aggroed would chime in as i'm guessing he gave it the name.


They are "virtual miners" which have a dedicated portion of the reward pool (typically 10-20%).

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