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RE: Should I Buy an Oculus Quest 2? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

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For me the rational decision is clearly to NOT buy a Quest and just go for the Hive-Fest experience in 2D, but then again it’s still tempting!

You can look into the other VR sets, that is allowed.
You equated the decision for no FB Quest = No VR Hivefest VR... you're missing a whole other discussion. Big logical brain fart perhaps?

People are talking about Quest 2 because it's the best value for tech. Those that are OK with FB will probably get it and those not will probably have to spend more money on another device that may not be as up to date awesome or may require a wire to a computer.

ps. There will be no Black Friday discount

  • It's already much cheaper than the earlier edition all while being significantly better.
  • They already have a backlog and won't have trouble selling tons because it's so good.


I have no idea whether it will work with a 4G connection! I’ve tried searching, but no reliable information. If it doesn’t obviously this score goes down to 0 for me and I won’t buy one!

I use it on my cell phone hot spot constantly. So the answer is yes. And that's only for apps that actually need internet.

Also, potentially moving onto land with solar power, I can’t imagine having that much power to spare in Winter for charging the quest. I can imagine it would use 100 Watts all by itself if I use it for a few hours every day.

The charging needs are not big... you can charge it with a battery charger like you use for your cell phone.