Tired Of Rocket Emojis🚀🚀🚀? Become An Astronaut! APPLY APPLY APPLY!

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Hi, Hiveans!

Cryptomarkets are booming. BNB is perhaps our Saviour, the long-awaited "Ethereum-killer".

Also, my favorite #bsc-project, Venus Protocol, which recently broke 9 BILLION IN TVL,
is booming just as I expected:

Perhaps others view themselves as demi-gods, and
tired of easy crypto and rocket emojis and Venus this and that here on this mundane, but still tragic and virus-struck Eart.

Perhaps you Earthling want to explore Space?

Now Is your chance to become an astronaut!
Norwegian ad
ESA application
A person very close to me I believe is very qualified, but I guess there are also smart persons on Hive that can make it.

How cool if we got the first Hivean in space? Or Hive-planet a little down the road?

All you need to do is:

Apply, apply, apply

by @janusface


gifart by @elgeko

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Haha, I read the ad myself and had to share it with most of my network. Just reading the job description and qualifications was good fun.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have the technical or medical background required. Guess I'll have to sell se crypto and take piloting lessons.

You do not know that: Apply, apply, apply! I guess they are going to take a somewhat holistic look at qualifications, at least that is stated several times.
Piloting lessons could be fun, but seems like helicopters and small airplanes are millionaire killers.