Joining The Saturday Savers Club

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October 8, 2022

I've been reading posts about Saturday Saver's Club and I became curious about it. Some blogging friends, @tengolotodo and @coquicoin are already in and have invited me several times to join the club. However, I lack the motivation to take on the tasks necessary for this club. I was actually just lazy to monitor my Hive tokens, especially since I thought savings should be updated every Saturday.

The first reason why I was hesitant to join was that I am not into making goals, especially if it's related to crypto savings and investment due to my recent failures in managing my investments and portfolio on another chain. I become demotivated after, then I just let anything come and go since I can't control the market.

Yet, we can't deny the fact that setting goals could help us track our progress, along with our failures, and motivate us to pursue them. I do have Hive goals, but I don't really care much about them because I don't want to be disappointed if I can't achieve them in the end. So I'll just accept whatever I can accumulate and not worry about the shortcomings.

But here comes Saturday Savers. When @shanibeer advised me to comment on the post about it, I saw my name included in the list the next day 😂. Thus, I'm required to update my Hive goals.

Joining The Saturday Savers Club

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Primary Goal

As mentioned in my recent HPUD post, my primary goal is to achieve 2000 staked HP excluding the sent and received delegation. Posting status here is just a matter of luck, and I'm grateful if some whales like Appreciator and curators would visit my posts. If not, then I'll accept it. So it's really tough to maintain the earnings as we have no permanent voters here. But I do appreciate their visits, and I feel happy and lucky every time they notice my work.

At the time of writing, my effective HP was 1,925.169 (excluding the received delegations). And if I will deduct the sent delegations, my current balance would be 1,490.63 HP. Thus, I need 509.37 HP more to achieve this goal. Hopefully, I could make it before this year ends.


Secondary Goal

My secondary goal is to save 500 HBD in my savings account. I should have more this time if I didn't withdrew some for important matters. I'm gradually adding HBD to my savings account every time I receive some from my content rewards. Some are used for buying some Hive as I want to save more too for HPUD and future purposes.

At the time of writing, my HBD in my savings is already 241.103, and so I need more 258.897 HBD to achieve this goal.

Hive Engine Tokens

Meanwhile, I don't really have many Hive Engine Tokens and those included in the list are usually used in tipping like PIZZA, LOH, LUV, and POB. I also wish to join LEO Power Up Day someday. I included LEO, DREEM, and POSH because I thought they are worth holding. I feel like I still need to learn more about Hive Engine Tokens as I only know a few of them. I was surprised one day to see more kinds of tokens in my wallet and I didn't even know where do they came from.

Another token I want to know more is the EDSMM which I've been seeing in @tengolotodo and @coquicoin's posts.

I'm also adding Ecency Points in those tokens I want to save because it is too useful in tipping and boosting content. Besides, its price is also increasing and I thought it's one of the tokens that should be saved for the long term.

You might wonder, just like me before, What is Saturday Savers Club?

Saturday Savers Club was initiated by @eddie-earner, probably nine months ago based on the post I read. The purpose of this club is to encourage everyone to set goals and save any currency for any purpose.

As what Eddie said:

Reasons to Save

  • Become a Hive Minnow
  • Build an Emergency Fund
  • Clear Debt
  • Pay for Christmas (or other celebrations)
  • Have a Crypto portfolio

Photo credit to @eddie-earner

To know more about it and the perks of joining the club, you can visit this link below.

Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | 2022 Launch and FAQs

You can choose to make a post or update about it every Saturday, or monthly, depending on your preference. As for me who have a job in the real world, it's tough to monitor my assets weekly, so I'm doing it monthly or if necessary. The main point here is to save and be motivated to grow our assets.

Uncertain things come like a bolt from the blue, so it is much better to have more savings so we have something to pull out in case that happens. Nowadays, we should be practical as the world is getting pricey. We should think about the future and not just savor the present day by extravagantly spending money on unnecessary stuff.

Save more and spend less! That should be the goal.

I hope you will join this club too and save for your future 😊.
Happy weekend. Happy Saturday Savers!



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Welcome to the SSC!

But here comes Saturday Savers. When @shanibeer advised me to comment on the post about it, I saw my name included in the list the next day 😂. Thus, I'm required to update my Hive goals.

Hahaha, you were peer pressured into joining! Oooh that @shanibeer making mischief. ;)



Hi Jane! Great to see your Saturday Savers Club goals post. I'm sure you will reach your HP goal. I don't know much about second-layer tokens, there are too many projects and I've only selected a few to keep, the rest I usually trade and use to buy Leo mainly and the few tokens I've decided to keep.
It can indeed be difficult to get regular votes here, but I think that as our account and reputation grow that will eventually come too.


Thank you... As long as I am enjoying here. I wouldn't mind about the rewards.. Thanks again for the encouragement


You are virtually at 2k HP Jane like me!
Love to see you do this. Knowing how financial focused you were with BCH I know you do it for financial gains, and so having savings goals will help you get more :)
Welcome to the club!

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Thank you for the encouragement 😊.. I hope this would motivate me to save more. I guess you know how many losses I got on another chain.


It is all relative Jane, you were not like some people using their credit cards to invest and then getting rude with me when I pointed out that is not how you invest with crypto...

Wow Saturday saver’s club it’s a nice community with what I have read from your post and how you have planned in achieving your goals. I am very sure the community will motivate you to do more.

You can join.. To be motivated too

I will look into it,thank you.

You would be very welcome 😍.

Here's the latest post - drop by and say hello in the comments 😎.

Great to see your savers post ! And it looks like you are already making great progress to me - well done !

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Thanks hehe

I'm feeling the same right now - demotivated to set any Goals.

But sooner or later I will be ready for it. Glad you also joined Saturday Savers Club and wish you Good luck on these Goals!


You can join too. So you'll be motivated to track your goals 🙂

You would be very welcome at the Club 😍.

Here's the latest post - drop by and say hello in the comments 😎.

Ah Thanks a lot.

I'm bout to check it out. Thanks for dropping it. Means a lot.


Great to see you joining the SSC! You are doing great!! What gets measured, gets done as they say!

Thanks. Are you a part of this too?

yes, I'm in Jane! 👍

Oh, gosh! I love this kind of initiative. It feels like you will be pushed by the goal to save more and spend less. However, the goal will be reached depending on the blog's quality and curation rewards. Lol! Anyway, I bookmarked this blog in case I would join the Saturday Savers Club. Have some !PIZZA

Kahit pa may blog quality, kung hndi mapansin..wala rin 😂.. Pwd ka sumali

You would be very welcome 😍.

Here's the latest post - drop by and say hello in the comments 😎.

Parang napasubo ba sis? LOL! But it's good that you joined. I think the energy is great, it will keep you motivated. Perhaps the trick to not get disappointed when not able to reach them is to not expect much and just enjoy the process hehe. And you are actually very close to your HP goal. Despite having the others sent as delegation, they are still yours.

All the best to you sis as you work on your goals. Fighting!


Hehe..thank you sis.. Gusto ko naman tlga sumali dto dati.. Natatamad lang 😂


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hehe, I hear you sis. Ako man, tinatamad din pero okay rin, at least its one topic for a post once a week and then ma-inspire din to keep grinding para sa goals.

Thanks pla sa pag tweet 😊 !PIZZA !LUV


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Gee, did I forget to expire my delegation again? Guess I'm just as forgetful as is lazy. Hope you enjoyed the boost.

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Hehe.. That always inspires me 😊😊 thank you so much.

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Hello @jane1289, this is a great savings goals post!

I can understand you being wary about making goals, especially if you have had some disappointing experiences. The trick is to set realistic goals based on what you know is possible with maybe a little bit extra to stretch your self and your goals look very realistic 😍.

If you are depending on post and curation rewards to grow your savings, a much more sustainable route is to grow your network with other people you like and where you can support each other. The individual rewards will be smaller but much more consistent than depending on whales, and over time you will have a more reliable source of income.

The Saturday Savers Club provides a ready-made network of supporters who will support your posts and where you can support their posts, too. Let's see how quickly you can reach your goal with the Saturday Savers Club! 😎

Thank you for writing about the Saturday Savers Club, your friends are very welcome, they can drop by and comment and see how they like it. They may even win some tokens!

grow your network with other people you like and where you can support each other

I am not depending on the curation rewards .and I am interacting with others too.. Even have brought a bunch of people here. But I don't push them to give support to me like how I support them. It's all up to them..
Thanks btw

Good plan - I agree pushing for support is not a good look.
Good to have you here 😍

Thank you 😊