The future of the crypto market for the third decade of the 21st century: Opportunities and threats.

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In recent days, the rise reached by bitcoin to its historical maximum; has given much to talk about in the world of finance. Some important players in the traditional financial and technological sector are beginning to place part of their capital in investments in the leading cryptocurrency in the sector, as a way to diversify financial risks in the current state of affairs, accelerated by the Covid pandemic19 with unwanted ones, at least for the vast majority, and negative economic consequences.

There will be many happy faces on those who have invested in the last two years in bitcoin, more so as advances in cryptographic technology envision fantastic opportunities in the DEFI sector and consistent development of decentralized second-layer applications entrenched in smart contracts.

However, it is wise not to be clouded by expectations of big profits. In the end, generally, a behavior focused on greed can lead to failure, by preventing also seeing the threats that come hand in hand with the opportunities. Of course, this does not imply putting optimism aside, on the contrary, it is a call for caution that common sense makes us act with diligence and stay on course towards the realization of a more free and just world.

If this is not the case, what is the point of our being here? Profits and new forms of economies are welcome, but to think that those who lead the status quo will willingly allow it; is to be very naive.

Some believe that it is inevitable that blockchain technology will drag its momentum to the world, and that it will gradually be massively adopted due to its disruptive nature. However, the efforts of the political and financial elites are already working on their proposals: centralized digital money; such as the digital Yuan, Euro, and Dollar that will operate on a quantum network.

Today I read an interesting post from @pibara that opened a new community: Quantum Resistance (If you want to read the post click here ); It is this that poses the main threat to blockchain technology, an imminent threat in the medium term that will have to be overcome if it is to survive. From my point of view, we are at a marked disadvantage in terms of resources and unity of purpose. While decentralization is great for preventing the few from oppressing the many, it is also true that it obstructs the speed to act on threats.

I hope that soon within the communities here in #Hive as in other blockchains, there will be a consensus in an effort, not only to exploit the current potentialities and opportunities but also to evaluate and develop solutions to the latest threats that are in development.

Finally, something to also worry about. When you hear influential people from the international financial world speak positively of the crypto market; you should turn on alerts. It is enough to review the history behind them to realize that there is no congruence in the speeches and actions; behind the words, there will always be hidden agendas based on their interests. Which for sure, they are not aligned with ours.


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