Let's think for a while: Reputation or social control on the blockchain?

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Social control?

I recently read the interesting introductory post from @blocktrades about the need to build or modify the reputation subsystem in #Hive. At first glance, I confess, the idea itself displeased me, by associating it, by definition, with the social credit system currently implemented in China. Letting an algorithm or neural network determine how good or bad a citizen you can become represents, so fact, the potential dictatorship that machines will exercise over us shortly.

However, observing the behavior of people, within the virtual world as real, I have to admit that I do not have enough arguments to deny that the dishonest attitude of some affects the majority; undermines and undermines trust in the techno-social system. It is enough only to evaluate the electoral event in the USA to question the values ​​of an entire society. The result, a latent division that could explode when critical elements are brought together with unexpected consequences.

While, now I understand the essence of the purpose behind smart contracts, to end this situation. It also justifies putting this capability at the core of any blockchain-based system or application. Therefore, it is not surprising the direction that serious projects with potential in this area are taking.

In another order of idea

Also, I recently read about how important interoperability between different blockchains will be. Some think here, I think with good reason, that the #Hive ecosystem in its current development offers powerful advantages to the crypto market. All that remains is to capture the attention for its consolidation.

I believe a lot in the philosophy behind Benchmarking, that is, to observe the good in others to promote what differentiates us from the competition, of course, in the healthy win-win strategy.

In this sense, in recent days Polkadot has made a lot of noise. To the extreme of being among the first four projects with the highest market capitalization. Looking a bit at the statement of objectives, I am very impressed by what they are pursuing, building the core so that all the existing blockchains and those to be created operate contributing the best of each one. Try to build the machine that everyone uses. If they are successful, they will have invented or reinvented the scopes of Web 3.0

As a member of the #Hive collective, I must be a little scared, but as an individual, I also smell a great business opportunity to invest.

In conclusion

I think about the need to accelerate the developments in #hive, in the best style of the #leofinance team, think outside the box. Keep consolidating decentralized applications and try to participate in other chains through easy-to-use interfaces that attract not only users but also investors and developers. It would be nice to develop a native development environment in #hive.

PS: I understand, easier said than done. But dreaming, in our case with our feet on the ground, costs nothing. I have a strong conviction in the capacity of those who make life in #Hive.


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When we think many have bought their reputation scores what point is there to still have anything like this. Let the content speak for itself and not some number that has no intrinsic value.

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Based on your argument, of course, it doesn't make any sense to stick with it. So it will have to be replaced sooner rather than later. My fear lies not in the how, but in who establishes the what. In the end, we are still human. If we leave it to an algorithm, it would have to be fair enough to evaluate what makes us human. I think it is a very difficult task to entrust it to something created by the same man. We have a lot here to philosophize.

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It should be simply ditched not replaced. Why do we need a reputation score after all?

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You could be right! In the first instance I asked myself the same question, but after reading @blocktrades' statements about it; I seemed prudent to reconsider the matter.

Consider, the impact of the decline in people's reputations and the little value of a man's word today. A society based on lies and the many evils derived from such a position.

Of course, evaluating each content for yourself is a way to appreciate the merit of its authors.