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RE: What you may not know about STEMGeeks and the STEM token

in LeoFinance5 months ago (edited)

One thing I believe sets STEMGeeks apart from other tribes is the moderation. While we want to allow all skill levels to be involved in STEMGeeks, we do not tolerate spam and abuse and we have a strict rule of being on topic (i.e. Bitcoin price posts have nothing to do with STEM).

There's also a banjo command to help with this: $mod

So for stemgeeks, the command is: $mod stem


In addition, if you're in the top 20, sorted by influence, the output of the command will take your votes and exclude them from the results. That way, the command will always show fresh results. E.g., a 1% upvote to "mark as moderated" will work.

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