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RE: Hive Power Up Day for January 1st 2022

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Hey Traci! I mentioned last month that I will have to move to 1 SBI/person for the top 20.


Hey @improv - I remember you said you might have to rethink your prizes (and @cmplxty did as well), which is why I have the ❓ next to your listings.

So is this what I should change them too?

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd - 1 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift
  • 4th-20th Place Each - 1 HIVE Basic Income units/levels Gift

Yeah I will keep an eye on the price action of hive and see where things go! If we go much higher than I will have to switch it to a 100% upvote for each of the 9th and 15th place people. Not as glamorous but hopefully decent enough!

No worries, @cmplxty - I think offering upvotes is a perfectly respectable prize, if that's what you decide to do instead. 😎

Yep! Thanks!