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RE: How do you value Human vs AI content?

in LeoFinance7 months ago

I'd like to apologize if I did not read the whole content but I wanted to comment on what I had in mind the moment I read the title.

I am a self-taught graphic designer and a graduate of information technology. So it is not very unusual for someone like me to not notice great changes that are happening on the internet. With tech being tremendously developing and changing over time, a lot of information and tools are being distributed by the minute. And it includes websites that can replace work done by humans.

AI are great and impressive, but the recent developments in AI got me thinking. In the past weeks, it came to my attention that you can easily make a blog or some article with just a few clicks. Same with logos and photo editing which I think is the most popular today.

And with that said, I know that AI is the future but how far should it influence humans workflow and daily lifestyle?


Hey, no worries. You might also be interested in reading the post I wrote earlier about AI usage on Hive more specifically.

Once we replace our skillset with AI but do not add human specific skills, we are largely valueless to society. So, then what?