Growing a community! Showing-explaining the power of Blockchain to people

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Hey Hivers!

Let me make a summary of my promotional work of Hive around the Bulgarian network.

My impressions

1. I noticed that for people is very complicated to follow instructions, so I'm trying to deal with people more 1 on 1 to explain to them how Hive blockchain works, a lot of time-consuming!
People have a hard time following simple instructions like for example Click here

2. So far the easiest way for me to @hiveonboard people is via @ecency app because it allows people to register only with an email to get their password via email, I tried a few times using @peakd and I have made a Video with step by step instructions saying the most important thing " Save your password on a note file/text format" and people are still not doing it, I did an experiment a few times watching in person how people will follow the instructions but all of them started making a screenshot of their password, and as you may know registering via @hiveonboard on your phone 1-st of all doesn't show your full password, maybe except if you don't have a giant screen.

2.1 @ecency has been showing some bug reports or disconnection from the account talk to them already they will fix it with the next upcoming update.

3. My personal experience and usage of the Hive blockchain is been separated into a few stages

3.1 I use mostly @peakd and @leofinace when I create a post

3.2 I use @ecency to stay on top with my notification and responding to messengers

3.3 I used a few time @dapplr to post short videos

3.4 I use @threespeak to create my video content for Yoga and Blockchain education.

3.4.1 Question to @threespeak and @theycallmedan:
I know you and your team have been working hard on the 3speak platform to improve everything around it, even the date storage and fast uploads.
I'm wondering for a long time if you guys work on something like a Playlist or a Folder page where we can separate our videos by content because personally, I want all of my content to be in one place and to be easy for people to find in my page at
And also maybe think about renaming the Subscribe button I think it may scare some people and make them think that they have to pay to use the platform if I understand correctly the purpose of it is to boosts your post so it can show in the trending section.

Promotinal work

I've been using mostly Instagram and Facebook to work on promoting Hive Twitter is not in use in my country at all.

I tried to show and explain many times to people how the internet and how traffic/click and everything works.

For example
In This Video I when over the beginning of Chat with IRC & ICQ some of you may remember it as well, also going into details about the Dot-com bum when there ware many social media website like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

In This Video that is the continuation of the first one I when over the differences between the centralized platform Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Hive and showing to people how in any other platform they generate Likes with 0.00 value for themselves and friend but can make a difference if the come to HIVE and learn and adapt to new technology.

Also when I create my Yoga videos I always end up with that how people can reach out with questions about the practice, the easiest possible way, and that's thru Hive, and giving them instructions that they have to follow the link down bellow my video, but as I said I see may people having problems following this instruction Click Here in my instruction about the platform I've been giving all the information that people may need to be successful on Hive starting with:


Via @Peakd
Via @Ecency
@Dapps they can use to start with

  1. Make your first post
    1.1 With examples of how the post should look like
    1.2 Video explanation on how to create your first post via @ecency
    1.3 Why to create the first post
    1.4 Instruction for curation trail because I'm trying to grow the Bulgarian community and I see how many of the people are giving up on the first week or so, and will still be good if I can use their votes.

  2. How to access Passwords, Key in Hive Video

  3. How to use actifit/
    3.1 How to log in to actifit app and make a daily report
    3.2 How to log in your account into Video

  4. If you Have a problem with upload or comment
    4.1 What is resource credit and how to check it
    4.2 What is resource credit in depth

  5. What is peakd/3speak/ecency

  6. What is blockchain

  7. Project I'm here to stay #bgn
    Where I'm trying to explain to people that when we become many on Hive, Hive will be priceless!

  8. How can you withdraw Hive

And at last but not least I show them mathematically how much Hive/money/crypto we can create a day if we create a sustainable good community.

Any tips and suggestions on how to improve something are highly appreciated and will be looked into.


Yoga, meditation, health, practice

Don't forget to stay on top of your healthy body!
Check on my Yoga practice good for people with 0 experience!
I'm going over the key fundamentals and movements that the human body has to have.
Check the link down below.


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