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RE: Joining The Saturday Savers Club

in LeoFinance6 months ago

Parang napasubo ba sis? LOL! But it's good that you joined. I think the energy is great, it will keep you motivated. Perhaps the trick to not get disappointed when not able to reach them is to not expect much and just enjoy the process hehe. And you are actually very close to your HP goal. Despite having the others sent as delegation, they are still yours.

All the best to you sis as you work on your goals. Fighting!



Hehe..thank you sis.. Gusto ko naman tlga sumali dto dati.. Natatamad lang 😂


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hehe, I hear you sis. Ako man, tinatamad din pero okay rin, at least its one topic for a post once a week and then ma-inspire din to keep grinding para sa goals.

Thanks pla sa pag tweet 😊 !PIZZA !LUV