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RE: Am I powering down my HP ?

in LeoFinancelast year

My guess is the platters were physically damaged in the fall. Pray I am wrong because that's a really bad situation for data recovery. Hopefully no stray dirt or dust got in while it was open. Yeah, it's probably going to cost quite a bit with no guarantee of a full recovery.

One of those backups should be in a different location. Maybe with a trusted friend or a bank safe deposit box. If you keep two copies and there's a fire or flood then keeping both copies near each other risks all the backups getting lost or damaged.


Yeah for sure !!

I'm most of time working far from my apartment. For exemple I'm working at my girlfriend's apartment for now during 2weeks. That could be the moment to make a backup and left it at my apartment !

I also Think there is not a lot of chances to get my data back.. But who knows