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RE: Will Hive Follow LEO and Steem?

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LeoNoob here, how do I earn LEO using ? Or is it just by staking LEO? Thanks

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Pretty much the same way as HIVE but its a token of the Hive network. If you're looking to buy LEO and stake it I would recommend that's LEOs own market. Stake coins give you weight for voting and earning curation rewards.

There are also Miners LEOMM and LEOM on the exchange which act as miners for the coin. Expect this to be a LONG term investment.

Oh wow so I could earn as much LEO as Hive if I had 2000 or 5000 HP, LEO has LP? I might consider accumulating more if that is the case. I have been around Steem/Hive since the beginning but LEO has always been on my radar since it has been around. The interface looks good and hivesigner worked the second time. LeoFinance is pretty good!

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