leofinance: callout for good people

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the hive blockchain have welcomed a large number of people, both good and bad but i know that the number of good is bigger than the number of bad and i wish you could all hear me out.
Screenshot 20.png

although i dont have much to say but i want to believe the good people here will help a poor soul because here is my last hope because it doesnt have to be directly, all i need is the upvote or reward to help my self.
thanks for reading.

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I am here❣️

100% organic vegan glutenfree sugarfree minimalist trying to influence humans to do the same

Until today I found 0 who are strong enough to live the same lifestyle. Will you be the 1.

Creating good content usually helps. Begging won't get you far.

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how will i do that

the situation is urgent

Research & write something interesting. It is seldom that you get something for nothing.
If nothing else, maybe describe your urgent situation.

As you used the #leofinance tag: This community is all about finance, and the last one to throw money around.

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