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Hey guys, season greetings and happy holidays were you able to hold a Banano token this year? Or did you even come across crypto monkeys NFT this year. I was introduced to the Banano project by a friend of mine, he explained that the schedule airdrop happens every twenty four hours but to access it I had to download the Vite App.

Banano early this year saw a lot of movement in their eco space which looked so promising, powered by DAG technology. What’s DAG technology if you may ask? DAG simply represent Directed Acyclic Graph which is used for data modeling, structuring tool used mostly in crypto currency. Unlike block chain which are built with blocks, Directed acyclic graph are made of vertices and edges with this brief explanation so you can have an insight on what DAG technology is all about.

With the Directed acyclic graph the meme token Banano has been able to stand out among it pairs. The fourth generation crypto currency token has provided instant and fee-less transaction charges with their daily air drop “see this article by @attentionneeded on air drop if you are are newbie to the crypto currency for your better understanding”
which was one of the their marketing strategy and this has seen more wallet holders onboard the project.

The Banano token is not mining enable so there is no way to mine it other than to own your stake of this awesome project by investing. I own some couple of bags which I see myself increasing this coming year! Expecting big market movement this coming year, why not own your own share of a token that’s fungible, edible and rich in potassium. crypto monkey is part of the Banano project which is their non fungible token, I haven’t owned one yet which am currently working on. Crypto monkey might be the next big thing to happen in non fungible token Eco system, definitely watch the space for these meme monkeys.


Banano according to crypto market cap Ref trading analysis is currently trading at $0.023 ending with a 7% yield which the token hit it’s all time high a week ago trading at $0.026 and it’s all time low at $0.02277. Exchanges which you can trade Banano are VITE, Pancake swap, CoinEX. Some of these exchanges trade against BTC or USDT Which you sole preferred.
Banano taking the position of 720 in rack of other crypto currency I hope the coming year it moves up the ladder.

Have a BANANO Christmas everyone


Let me go and do my research.. BANANO here we come

Merry Christmas