Is the Mt. Gox rehab plan the reason for the Bitcoin dump?

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A rehab plan to compensate creditors from defunct centralized exchange Mt. Gox has been approved.

Mt. Gox trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi announced in a letter. Details of timing, procedures and amount are forthcoming.

The repayments could lead to the distribution of more than $8.5 billion in Bitcoin.

In the last 24 hrs. Bitcoin's price has slipped as much as ~5.4%. Reaching a low of ~$56,610.

Is this the reason for the Bitcoin dip?

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I'm actually pretty astounded at your knowledge and awareness of current events thank you very much for this post and I'm sharing it as well as throwing you a vote!

Quality content deserves to be recognized so thank you very much.

Thank you so much. Much appreciated good sir 🙏


You're very welcome I can't wait to see more of your content!

Yes very good points and I do believe it is one of the reasons we are going down, and it could keep dipping

Probably one of the main reason

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