Metamask trying to join the institutional investors

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Apparently, after the 14 billion dollars growth in the DEFI sector, Metamask yearn to do more. I am already using them for ETH, erc20 tokens and Binance Smartchain, and i can't complain. I remember the days when i was still using MyEtherWallet, and the login was troublesome, and the platform was not very intuitive at all. I was strugling to understand some of MEW aspects. While metamast is simple and intuitive, so, good for them.

Now they have quite a reach in the individual sector, and they want more. After they got more than 1 million monthly active users (i am one of them) and introduced token swaps in October, they realized that , with so many DEFI protocols, it is hard to account for all of them, not to mention all the hustle involved when you need to prepare for tax (profit and loss statement). I can feel the struggle.

So, what is their solution? An upgraded version of Metamask for trading firms and crypto custodians, with some new features (they got swaps, and they will need to get somehow around the lend/borrow and investment in ETH coins part). Curv is the first company chosen to try the wallet, but many others are interested, including eToro.

They were also very active lately, launching the mobile wallet and the Web3 browser wallet feature upgraded to 8.0, letting you to select one or more accounts associated with a website. I have like 3 ETH based addresses and one Binance and it is working great.

That's all for today, now i need to run to work, meh, night shift.

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