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RE: HiveCommunityStats(HCS) tool announcement - Get your data + Get rewarded for engaging with others in LeoFinance , CTPTalk , SPS . Next on list - STEM

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Will definitely help increase the engagement


Thank you :) hope so. Did you try it out?

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Yes I did
Unfortunately I m not eligible for prize 😂

Oh lol don't worry the day is still young. Engage more and try again in a while :)
How many more comments are you short of?

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I had 5 comments but all from Ecency
Which does not count I guess ☹️

Well no :( Unfortunately I haven't added Ecency for now . Maybe in future when I add Hive rewards , I will add Ecency , peakd and but right now I am more focused on tribes.

But don't worry about today , you can do it tomorrow :)

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i got it finally, just used leo finance interface and went back to claim the reward.
Thanks a lot

That's amazing :) Keep engaging and keep getting the rewards.

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