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@sanjeevm Well, the 30% tax sounds insane. I hope that does not become a reality. I am not sure whether people realize that, because of India's large population, this really affects everyone.

I wonder what caste certificates are. It sounds Orwellian. I tried Googling, but I am not sure about what I am reading. It seems the purpose is to help people from lower castes by certifying that they are from lower castes? Or is it a veiled attempt to identify those in lower castes and thereby maintain the caste system? I probably badly misunderstand, but I hope you can educate me and overlook any embarassing things I might say.


I hope that does not become a reality.

Its effective since 1st April 2022, so its real. And these caste certificates are for those lower castes to give them all the benefit that many of them no longer need - but we don't want to get rid of reservation. Interestingly, higher castes like mine may soon be declared as minority community :)

Ooh. The tax. That is very bad news! I didn't know (obviously).