HUSTLER Token my experience 😀

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Hello friends...
Some days ago I was going through the feed posts and come acroos a post about Hustler token.
They Airdrop the token week ago (I also get some staked token).


What is Hustler Token

The official token of the Hive Hustlers community on the Hive blockchain. $HUSTLER enables the user to use their tokens to earn discounts on transaction fees and product prices on various eCommerce sites, such as and marketplace (coming soon).

I do some more search and find they have HUSTLER MINER also trading on hive-engine.
I dont have any miner staked in my hive-engine account so to give a try and buy 38 HUSTLERS MINER and staked them. I got the token on discounted price (thanks to @hivehustlers team for promotion posts).

Check the mining earnings


Four days after I buy the miner I got 25 more miner in my account, I checked the details and come to know that I got lucky and got 4th position in a proposional offer orgnised by @hivehustlers

If you think promotion is over and miss the train, still you have a chance. The team has announced the new promotional offer. Check the below details from their Discord channel dated 21 June....

Today begins our first Powerup Sunday! For every 4 $HUSTLERM tokens you buy + stake today, you get an extra one free! Message us to be credited your miners if you decide to join in - we'll share a post on Hive about this, too!
Also, the website will be going down later today to begin it's transformation to our new official look - we're looking to add some cool features in, and we really hope everyone enjoys it!
Have a great rest of your weekend Hustlers!

To check the current price of HUSTLER & HUSTLERM token clik on below links

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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