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Hello friends...
Some days ago I have posted about the my experience and views about HUSTLER tokens.

What is Hustler Token

The official token of the Hive Hustlers community on the Hive blockchain. $HUSTLER enables the user to use their tokens to earn discounts on transaction fees and product prices on various eCommerce sites, such as and marketplace (coming soon).

I have staked more then 80 HUSTLERM token till Saturday.
And on Sunday I added some more and new count is 102 miners.
Its a good time to inveat in HUSTLERSM.

Currently two promotional offers are live.


Every 4 $HUSTLERM tokens purchase directly from team+ STAKE, you get an additional 1 free!
Please note the HUSTLERM buy from market are not eligible for the promotion.
I have done the mistake and buy some HUSTLERM from market and send the screen sot tobthe team on Discord.
I miss the information fom their office post that token buy directly from them will only be eligible for the promotion.
But I am happy they (@nulledgh0st#8704) compensate by manualy sending the token to my account. Tha ks again.
You can check the officail posy by clicking on this link

$HUSTLERM miner token bonus

HUSTLERM staking is also comes with benefit.
Staking $HUSTLERM Miner Tokens = "Discord Club Levels"


50 Club - stake 50+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 1 x $HUSTLERM token/month bonus (liquid + direct)

100 Club - stake 100+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 3 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 1000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

250 Club - stake 250+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 10 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 5000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

500 Club - stake 500+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 25 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 15000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)

1K Club - stake 1000+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 75 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 35000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)
50% off HiveHustlers T-Shirt (choice of size/color/gender) from

2.5K Club - stake 2500+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 225 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month bonus (staked) + 100000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)
1 FREE HiveHustlers T-Shirt (choice of size/color/gender) from

5K Club - stake 5000+ $HUSTLERM miner tokens:
Receive = 500 x $HUSTLERM tokens/month (staked) + 250000 x $HUSTLER tokens/month (liquid)
1 FREE HiveHustlers T-Shirt (choice of size/color/gender) from
1 FREE HiveHustlers Hoodie (to be released, choice of size/color/gender) from

Check here the offical post link

Official Discord:

To check the current price of HUSTLER & HUSTLERM token clik on below links

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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