Stemgeeks $STEM is a good BUY. Last chance to get $STEM at low levels...

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Hey All,


In case if you are not aware what stemgeeks project is all about then in simple words - STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Math. So if any of your blog post is associated to STEM then feel free to use the tag - "STEM" to have your post posted on the stemgeeks portal. But there is a caveat, if you post from outside the stemgeeks portals then your blog post rewards in the form of STEM tokens is reduced to 50% author rewards. Hence its better to post the STEM topics from the stemgeeks portal to get full STEM tokens author payouts for your posts.


Just look at the STEM tokens numbers and I strongly feel that STEM token has the best token economics here on the HIVE blockchain second layer tokens. Just look at the circulating supply, total staked tokens and the total number of $STEM tokens burn. Every week we have the report come out -Stemgeeks Burn Report that details the percentage of $STEM tokens burned in a week. Roughly we see 50%+ weekly reward $STEM tokens being burned. Almost 55% of the token supply is already burned. We have close to 80% of the supply of $STEM token staked and just 300K+ $STEM tokens in circulation. You simply cannot just ignore these numbers. Impressive isn't it?

Recent Buy of $STEM 15K+


I have been accumulating and staking $STEM tokens for quite some time now. My recent purchase of 15K+ $STEM tokens was done at different prices highlighted on the above image. When you love the project you simply cannot let go the opportunity to buy tokens at prices when they are trading at their all times low.


Here is my current status with $STEM.. Almost touching 50K+ mark in terms of $STEM being staked and delegated. And 20K+ $STEM in the form of liquid. We had this recent news from the @stemgeeks team around - Unstaking 100,000 STEM from @stemcuration. Can this be a game changer for $STEM and we could see a momentum being build for the price of the token? I see it in a good way. And lets say if all these tokens also take the route of being burnt. Then $STEM is going to be even more scarce. The other scenario could be associated to LP rewards.. who knows. But if suppose those 100K $STEM tokens are used to incentivize folks providing LP then also we could see a spike in the price of $STEM token. These are just my thoughts and anything can happen; so please Do your own research before investing.

Finally, I would like to add that Stemgeeks project has a huge potential and we are just lagging that user based associated to STEM topics. But once this user base builds up this is going to be a game changer project overall. Speaking of myself, I am in NO rush but slowly and gradually am building my $STEM portfolio; enhancing $STEM staking on a daily basis. I plan to invest further in $STEM token and get to a point where I have almost 100K+ $STEM tokens staked... hoping for a bright future ahead with Stemgeeks - STEM

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STEM top hive-engine token

Impressive numbers. I published my first post on StemGeeks, and it was entirely a mistake. But then its a tech publication anyway, Although I intended it for STEMSocial. It took me close some time to sort out that these are two different projects. But then, sometimes we meet opportunity by accident.

Recently, I have been studying the 2nd layer tokens with a view to investment. I already purchased and staked 5000 LEO on 15th and 2159 CUB two days ago. I am intent on buying and staking more. With these numbers above, seems like I would be looking to buy STEM and stake. Who knows which ones would be great in the future. Just buying and building is what am doing now.

Is there any other thing I am missing about STEM? @gungunkrishu

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You are on track to what STEM is all about. A good investment you have for the LEO and CUB tokens. Would be nice if you diversify your portfolio.. All what I am trying to convey is that there is a good chances that we could be a momentum being build up for the STEM token as well & hence I made a good chunk of investment in it. Cheers

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Thank you so much. Let me what i can do with investing in some STEM tokens

@tipu curate

thank you for the curation dear @claudio83.. appreciate it.. cheers

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What are the yes cases of the STEM tokens or they are just a store of value . I know they are community tokens but what are the exact benefits of them

Stem community is not big and it may be because of the topics. I don't see any token utility and this is important. I see bunch of tribe tokens struggling because of no utility. If stem gets good usecase then we can expect good growth and only curation is not suffice.

Yeah the community is not that big; that's for sure one reason. But I guess STEM topics is what convinces me to stay with the community. Just imagine school, colleges crowd coming here on this community & then see how much value we would be being generated.. Cheers

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Yeah, I agree with you, STEM's tokenomics is great! You've given good reasons why it's a good project but when I saw the title of your post I was thinking there was about to be a big Announcement 😅. Because you said 'last chance'.

Yeah that the hope and even if it doenst to pump am still HOLDing these STEM tokens for a long run. cheers

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Funny, I only ever bought into STEM for the DCITY science convention you need 50 STEM to run. You make some great points for staking STEM though - especially the unstaking of stemcuration.

While on the subject of ROI I recently set up a Hive Engine witness c0ff33a at rank 26 currently, server costs to rewards are not ideal to be honest. If you ever have a spare witness vote on Hive Engine it would really help me out.

Totally understand. I have been accumulating STEM tokens for a while. And whenever there is an opportunity I grab more tokens of it.. Strong believer of the STEM community and would love to contribute where possible.. cheers

On the vote I did vote your witness for hive-engine and HIVE both.. Good luck..

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Thank you very much, the votes are really appreciated - I should look deeper into STEM instead of just using it for dcity!