My STEM token Journey - A new Revised Goal of 50k+ STEM tokens...

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Hey All;

In this post, I'm going to talk about my STEM token journey. I guess it would have been now 2 months that I have been posting Maths Brain Teasers regularly on the stemgeeks portal.


As a fact; to date, I've posted close to 62 Maths Brain teasers on Stemgeeks website and have distributed close to 620 STEM tokens as rewards for participating in the maths brainteasers contest.

STEM & STEMM Miner Goal

Let's get to the point straight with the Goal that I had when I started posting; curating and buying STEM tokens and its Miner STEMM. Initially, when I just got started, I thought that I would like to have close to 25K+ tokens by the end of the Year 2021. And at the same time wanted to have like 100+ STEM Miners.

26k+ STEM tokens staked...


100+ STEM Miners Staked...


Will you, believe me if I said that I was able to accomplish my Goal in just 2 months. I guess; I underestimated myself and set a low target for myself. But getting here itself was not easy as I had put in a lot of effort in accomplishing my set Goal for the STEM token. When there was an opportunity to buy the STEM token at a low price, I did leverage the same. And currently, I still have an open order of close to 3k+ tokens placed on leodex. If this order gets fullied my stake of STEM tokens will cross 30K+ tokens staked.


According to my research and AFAIK, STEM token has got the best token economics when you compare it to the other tokens here on the HIVE blockchain.. Just have a look at the STEM/STEMM token circulation supply and its token burn numbers.


Revised GOAL - 50K+ STEM tokens Staked...

Off lately the token has been trading really low and I guess this would be its lowest price. Currently; I'm converting all my passive income earnings in buying this GEM token. May it be income from WORKER BEE Miners or selling the daily dCity SIM earnings for HIVE.. I'm all buying STEM tokens. And for that reason; I've revised my GOAL for the STEM token and that is to have and stake 50K+ STEM tokens by the end of this YEar 20221.. Will, I be able to achieve it in One/Two months, or will it take longer - I don't know. But what I know is that now I've myself a new GOAL for the STEM token and I'm going to work towards it, until I achieve the same.

Have Your Say...

What are your thoughts about the STEM token & its token economics? Do you have a GOAL that you have set for yourself to accomplish/stake STEM tokens or its Miner STEMM?

Best Regards

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PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I have an interest in the Stemgeeks project and its token STEM & hence bought some STEM tokens; that's iT.

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Good luck on your goals and thanks for the math teasers.

I currently don't have too much of a goal with STEM and I have delegated anything I get to BroFi for BRO tokens.

I enjoy the math quiz and have been playing it from quite a some time now.
Best of luck with the new target.
I am sure you will prove yourself wrong and post another post where you will again say that you underestimated your self 👍👍