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RE: #PredictTheFuture - What will the year 2067 be like?

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A fascinating post without a doubt! I have reblogqed it to keep it among my favorites, I think there are some things in it that I should find out..Starting with the video game.

You are right when you say that we will promote what interests us the most, and that is why human beings are obsessed with weapons, perhaps it is a way to maintain control, something that everyone loves ¨be the owners of power and control¨ Weapons have had and will continue to be so popular and therefore we must be prepared to see weapons transform in a big way, I really hadn't thought about it.

I loved the difference between standing out in fashion and public nudity, two ways of human beings in their quest to externally demonstrate that they are superior.

I liked the idea of accessible congested air travel, but travel through tunnels from one continent to another is definitely more fascinating.

Virtual reality, a topic that I must address to be up to date. You mention it so emphatically that I think I'm missing something extremely interesting.

The idea that we must reach a certain technological level in order to open the doors to the arrival of life from another planet to earth and to be able to coexist sounds fascinating, because then we are so many years away from it.

It was extremely interesting to read to you, some things seem to be guided towards a future reality ... I'll keep thinking about the blue skin! Is it something that is already thought?

The only thing that I definitely don't like about your futuristic vision is taking a single pill as a dietary supplement…It would certainly be a very good option, but for me I don't think so…Because I love to cook, it's a time to show love through what I know.Cooks with dedication and care for others!

Greetings @daltono! It was very pleasant to read your publication!

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I am satisfied to know that you thought my writing was a pleasant experience. I put a lot of effort into this one and had so much fun creating this post.
So many of the topics I mentioned are things that are going to evolve in a big way.

With the diet pill I was just hoping to see a way to make sure every human being is satiated and in good health. Food will always be yummy and cooking is an art form in itself so that shouldn’t die out either.

As your publication is read, it can be seen that you enjoyed writing it, in addition to the fact that each idea you present looks like a meteorite, which immediately impacts our thinking and generates a thousand more thoughts about the future.
Ah! Now I understand about the pill! Yes! in that case,it would be a solution to ensure everyone's good health

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