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RE: Technological Chasm & The Great Divide: I'm here live; I'm not a cat.

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I ran directly into this the other day.

My mom actually asked me about Bitcoin, after years of being in crypto and me talking about it, and I realized that I couldn't in good conscience tell her to buy it, because of how she is with passwords.

Maybe she could save the password multiple places and be fine...but one mess up and it's gone. That's really not something I can suggest for someone that's not very technically inclined.

Until technology has a solution to make Bitcoin easier, only the new generation that's used to passwords will be able to use it.

Can't wait for the headlines where some hedge fund instantly loses 10 billion in crypto.


For reallzzzzz...

I mean you could always roll the dice by just having her hold it on Coinbase and keep the initial investment small ( < $1000? ), but still every option is full of risk.