Robots Against Humanity: Ameca Humanoid Robot At CES 2022

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Ameca is a humanoid robot create by UK based company, Engineered Arts. Humanoid robots are no longer just an imagination depicted in science fictions books and films of the previous years and century. Advancements in robotics has been incredible and it looks like all the pieces are coming together. Engineered Arts is not the only company who is building humanoid robots like Ameca. There are other companies and academic institutions who hard at work in innovating in this space.

Developments in AI field, machine learning, renewable energies and batteries, and even cognitive science will all contribute in perfecting next generation of humanoid robots and having them amongst humans may just become a normal thing.

Robots has been amongst us for a while now. Some are good and useful. Some are just frustrating, intruding, and rude. Slowly but surely we are getting used to this reality. I am not talking about humanoid robots. I am talking about bots of the internet, bots that send massive amounts of spam emails, bots that make robocalls, bots that answer the phone when we call customer service. I am talking about Siri, Alexa, and Cortana - personal assistants installed on our devices that provide somewhat of a useful information when needed. But other times might even be spying to report back to the company, so they can come up with better ways of monetizing.

Yes, we are used to robots already. But we don't notice or maybe even don't care. However, having robots in a human form makes us realize this reality.

Engineered Arts demonstrated Ameca in CES 2022. A very impressive humanoid robot that can interact with humans like a human. It makes facial expressions like a human. It talks like a human moving the lips to resemble the words being uttered out of the mouth. However, the speakers are actually on the chest and visible. This may also change and be improved in the future. It has cameras in the eyes, and using face detection, it can recognize humans and turn to them. Microphones built into the ears can tell the robot where the voice is coming from and act accordingly.

It has arms, hands and fingers that can move around like human arms and hands. Not sure if it can grab items and perform tasks with hands yet. I am sure they would be working on that too, if haven't done so yet. It can't walk yet. They said they are working on building legs that will give the ability for Ameca to walk around.

There is AI implementation in Ameca. However, it uses half AI and half human help. In other words, humans in the other room or remotely connected control Ameca and Ameca just replicated the facial expression of the human controlling, speaks as instructed, moves hands, etc. Engineered Arts believe that humanoid robots like Ameca can be used for various human tasks like an assistant at the airport, receptionist at a hotel, and more.

I do believe humanoid robots can be very helpful in taking over tasks from humans, but more so for dangerous tasks like wildfires as firefighters, mining, space exploration, etc. Things that are that present high level of risks for humans to get hurt.

While there might be a need for humanoid robots, that doesn't mean they would be most effective, efficient, and productive in human form. For example would you want your humanoid robot sit at a desk and write a novel, or respond to business emails using a keyboard? It would look cool. But robots don't need keyboard or mouse.

There is already advanced machine learning technology that can write articles, books, or other forms of writings that aren't distinguishable from human works. And it keeps getting improved.

Putting all these pieces together: sophisticated hardware, advanced AI, machine learning, super fact internet and telecommunications, big data; shows that robots will be amongst us in very near future. I don't think robots pose a direct threat to humans, as often presented in sci-fi movies. lol. But there are some economic implication to consider. Will they cause massive job losses? If they do what would be solutions?

Technology will keep getting advanced. Stopping or slowing the progress down is not an option. Also, technology has been useful in many ways in many fields. Just look at the use of technology in medical field. Machines are useful. I think same will happen with robots. They will be useful and slowly take over some labor intensive and high risk jobs. Humans will do the work of maintaining the robots to make sure they are working properly, update software, upgrade parts, etc. There will be new jobs, better jobs for humans. Or maybe even for some it will free up time to do things they enjoy the most.

Some people jokingly say, when robots come all we need to do is buy one send them to work and earn the paycheck for us. That's a cool idea, but won't happen. If a person can buy a robot to send to work, most like the company will be able to buy hundred times more and make them do the work for free, instead of sending a paycheck to somebody.

There will be other opportunities for humans too, like joining networks and letting networks pay the bills. For example, let's look at bitcoin. I have heard Edicted and many others saying that bitcoin doubles in price/value every year. Looking at price history it does seem to be true. Assuming this pattern will continue, it can be a good idea to buy bitcoins and let them do the work of earning the paycheck. If you make $100k a year at your job, you invest $100k into bitcoin and let it double every year, and that way you would be making the same amount as did when working for someone.

Of course it is an oversimplification. But there is truth in it, and shouldn't be ignored. I remember last year today, bitcoin price was appreciating $1000 a day. If you have couple bitcoins, your bitcoins were making couple thousands dollars a day for you. It would be nice if it continued. But in a long term this pattern might still hold.

Another source of income can be participating in Hive network. Let's say you invest same $100k into Hive. You might be able to make 7-10% in curation rewards, all while the underlying assets itself is increasing in value/price. That is assuming price keeps going up in a long term. With any investment there is a risk, and things may not play out as expected. But what there will always be some value in being connected to networks that offer financial incentives.

Speaking of networks and blockchain, I think this technology will also play a great role in robotics. Eventually, robots will have to behave more autonomous, but there will still be a need to keep track of actions robots take and these can be recorded in the blockchain as transactions. This will also enable robots to engage in financial transactions. Think of your self-driving cars going to a charging station and paying with a bitcoin or hive wallets. Or when we go to stores where we can self checkout and interact with some kind of robot or machine, and it can transact in blockchain money. I doubt visa or master card with be the choice of robots for payments. Because they can detected how banks been robbing people with these crazy transaction based feed and maybe even laugh how naive humans are.

Are robots against humanity? Probably not. For now it seems like we trust them. We are willing to trust the code with our financial system instead of humans at central banks and governments when we believe bitcoin is the future. Robots probably will be more reliable than some of the humans. Maybe we should send some of them to Congress.

There was a tv series Travelers, where humans from the future come to the past to prevent something bad happening in the future. They keep referring to this person who sent them as a Director. Director said this, director instructed that, etc. In the end this Director was revealed to be a super AI, and humans put all of the trust in this AI and it was basically the global president or something. I don't think that is happening either. Humans like to keep the power to themselves.

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I think robots are good at doing specific tasks but I don't really think they can surpass humans even with machine learning because the human brain is very complex. Of course in more computational tasks, I can see them doing less mistakes. So I think robots are the natural thing companies will use and normal people won't really be using them to earn money.

I actually wouldn't mind having robots in Congress because the politicians are bought out by the lobbyists and I just wish they would stop doing so many shady deals.

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It's true one of the difference between humans and robots would be that humans make mistake. Sometimes mistakes lead to unexpected inventions.

I've read and followed through on the CES presentation of this humanoid bot, and it's just as fascinating as it is somewhat eery. It's just clear that the science fiction of yesterday is becoming the reality of our future!

OOOOOH you know about Travelers!! I love this show.

Do you know another show called "Humans"? Really cool show too. There will be a paradigm shift eventually, I even daresay that DARPA is 20 years ahead of time in term of tech, so we are approaching very closely that "uncanny valley" where robots and humans will be soon undistinguishable.

So to answer your question that you didn't ask haha, we don't know what governments know about the future, about the super hadron super collider, AI might already have been projecting the future with accuracy, that would explain some of the peculiar decisions by our governments.

I would even go even further haha. We might already be in a simulation, a projection in within an AI algorithm, technically if the simulation is flawless, would we even be aware of it?

I haven't seen or heard of "Humans". I will look it up. Thank you.

I don't buy the simulation argument. :) I think it just comes from our imaginations. Power of AI will still be limited to the processing power and energy, not to mention code going wrong without proper maintenance.

Interesting read as always. I think you're right that robots would be especially good for dangerous and high risk tasks/jobs. I don't know if I like the idea of robots working in service industries...🤔

It's interesting that robots are made to look like humans. It's completely unnecessary but obviously done to make humans comfortable interacting with them. It's strange to think about though. The purpose is to replace a human with an artificial human and therefore replace human to human interaction. In some ways a humanoid robot is really inefficient as well. A single robot or multiple, at a hotel reception desk or similar venue would be a waste actually. Multiple touchscreens (like you see in restaurants now) with a human projected on them that you can interact with would probably be faster for the clients and cheaper for the company and there would still be that human interaction.

This is an interesting point.

If a person can buy a robot to send to work, most like the company will be able to buy hundred times more and make them do the work for free, instead of sending a paycheck to somebody.

I'll admit that I have thought that people would buy robots to send to work but you are totally right. That makes no sense. A company would just buy the bot themselves or lease them.

This is only slightly related but have you ever watch the TV series - Devs?

Yes, I have seen some of the episodes of the Devs. I don't remember the details now, but I think stopped watching once someone was killed, and it took a dark turn.

I see. It sounds like you gave up on it quite early then before it go into the really interesting super computer stuff. It sounds like it wasn't for you, which is fine (obviously lol). I would have thought that it would be something you would like based on some of the other shows you've mentioned in the past.

I think at some point in history we are going to have to deal with robots having consciousness and being proactive without the help of humans, I think we have a few more decades before the first signs of this show up but I do think it will be the rule at some point, interesting content ✌️

I can't imagine robots having consciousness though. We ourselves still don't understand what consciousness is. Cognitive science is still in its early stages.

Maybe you've not heard of David Hanson robots... They've created a robot called Sophia, I believe she's more advanced as though she has all these features for as far as my research can tell...

Sophia is a human-like Robot, created by a team of Inspired Robotics, AI Scientists and designers. Just the most advanced human-like Robot of David Hanson's dreams for the future of AI.

Some time back, they was some merging of robots and human artists to work on the creation of NFTs...

I do agree on the world taking on automation, yes it will cause some job losses, but it will open up room for more, this is where people call tech the new oil business, and it's basically not a lie... The same interests oil sectors have had in the past, will be tripled in the tech industry...

I haven't heard about Sophia, but I agree there are many more who are working hard in robotics.

I don't think I like robots even though they are useful in some ways, the spying part of them irritates me, they can collect people's data, hack accounts and do all those annoying stuffs. If care isn't taken with the speed at which robots are being built these days, real humans may not have actual jobs anymore as everything would be handed over to robots to control. It would be a world where robots rule.

Robots can only do what humans tell them to do. So not everything is lost yet. lol.

I think I'll live with that hope😁.

I do believe humanoid robots can be very helpful in taking over tasks from humans, but more so for dangerous tasks like wildfires as firefighters, mining, space exploration

In this aspect I believe it will be very helpful and I know the robots really have a role to play in the nearest future.

The emergence of robots doesn't imply the outrage of humanity or man. There'll always be a limit to what robots can do so, man will always be relevant in our industries.

However, it's interesting to see this increasing technological advancements.

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humanoids bot can't perceived human emotions, I think it will be so dangerous in some aspect of task

For now it seems like we trust them. We are willing to trust the code with our financial system instead of humans at central banks and governments when we believe bitcoin is the future. Robots probably will be more reliable than some of the humans. Maybe we should send some of them to Congress.

History teaches us that there are really some humans that can't be trusted with power over both the financial system and the political system. Reading this paragraph, I could not avoid thinking that replacing these people with bots could be a dream come true. Perhaps the problems that plague humanity will be easier to solve whether its a pandemic, corruption, social justice, and poverty. Maybe, I am just thinking this way because I see no way out if the current system will be allowed to continue.

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Mhmm! So thought provoking. This is somewhat another level of evolution I must say. Can’t believe there will be a time when humans and robots and this time “humanoid robots” will co-exist . Marvelous I must say!!

What a nice content. Well, robots carry out programmed task. And "I don't think they can in anyway surpass their creator"

And if perhaps in this generation or generation to come, we have a robotic invention that carries out unprogrammed task or has the mind of it's own, it might be disastrous!

This is my point of view.

Once more thanks for this educating content

As amazing as it is to see the innovation and growth in the world of robotics a part of me is wary about a real life terminator, Technology can be used for good as well as evil and I hope the military application of Ameca doesn’t lead to world war 3

I think that in the future, people will learn to live with robots. Already, some men are painfully attached to realistic female silicone dolls. Of course, a living woman is ten times better than any smartest doll! But it seems to me that in the future women will also prefer the society of "perfect machines".

I love the robot and AI debate since you can take so many perspectives on it. If we look at this from a utilitarian point of view, one can argue robots taking over the labor force would be a good thing. It would free people from the time constraint of labor, and, let's be honest, time is the most valuable resource. One could also argue that disengaging people from labor could make many feel worthless and may incubate an uninspired population.

I see AI and robotics as a must advancement for civilization to prosper, but I also see the problems that come with it. Everything has a cost, but does it outweigh the benefit long term? I'm excited to see how this subject grows over time.

I think one big gap AI may still not fill adequately is the ability to exhibit true emotional intelligence.
AI and robots would best be useful adjuncts in helping us carry out repetitive tasks and tasks that can be reliably based on algorithms.
But writing algorithms that will reflect our human nature in all its form might still be many years away.
Perhaps making a cyborg with some chunk of the human brain/mind might suffice for that... but I don't think that's in the very near future yet.

Gregory Bateson, a cultural anthropologist and famous cybernetics expert, was asked in the 1950s whether he thought artificial intelligence was possible in computers. He replied that he did not know, but that he believed that if you asked a computer a simple yes-or-no question and it answered by saying, "That reminds me of a story," you would be close.

:) Interesting article. I like that you are not all over the top in the praise of AI, which happens quite a lot these days. It has its advantages but also some downsides.

I think that the robot is fabulous and the truth leaves me astonished!

i saw this is cool and scary at the same time

Maybe we should send some of them to Congress.


Those humanoids are freaky. It's definitely like something from a sci fi movie!


This highkey terrifying

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