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RE: Are Programming Topics Relevant To Money & Finance?

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You are right, some of my posts may not directly be 100% on STEM topics. I just use my best judgement on how I think about it. If I see some relevance, then I don't seem harm in participating in these tribe economies. I would consider topics on blockchain to be part of STEM.

Again, it comes down to difference of opinion how people view and judge topics discussed.

Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts.

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 2 months ago 

As one of the curators on STEMGeeks, we only want to see blockchain-related content when it's about the tech (or any other aspect relating to each letter of STEM). We don't want anything to do with TA, price action, airdrops, etc.

If you want to share some code and explain what you are trying to accomplish, cool. If you want to do a tutorial about how to set up a mining rig, also cool. If you are showing how to use exchanges for buying and selling, we don't want that.

We let posters make their own judgement and we mute the posts, which void all STEM rewards, if we find them off topic. Extreme offenders will be muted from the tribe.

For the most part, we don't approach people about being off topic unless it's a frequent occurrence. We believe most people are not trying to be asshats by tagging (or shoehorning) as many tribes as possible.

Since you asked, I figured I should let you know some of what STEMGeeks expect when it comes to topics surrounding blockchain. Feel free to inquire more in our Discord if you have anymore questions.

That’s how understood it worked. I completely agree and have no issues with those general guidelines. Thank You.