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Yes tax calculator would be nice to have. It actually wouldn't be hard to build. All of the transactions are in the public ledge and can easily be retrieved via HiveSQL or Beem. Problem is tax laws on crypto are not clear and differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If there were a clear formula it would be easy to implement with some simple code.

Interesting project to reward homework. Earn to learn can be a good model for Hive. I would like to learn more about it. I do like educational projects and see a great potential for them on Hive.

I don't use Twitter much, except to say something about Bitcoin or Hive from time to time. Your ideas do sound interesting. I will take a look.

Thank you.


Just let us check boxes (post rewards - check, curation rewards - check) and figure out what the price of hive was when we earned it compared to the price when we are reporting and put that all in a form thats easy to figure out without having to input anything ourselves.

I always like what I see of you :-)

This is an interesting project. I may work on it if/when I get some free time.

I already started working on this, but there is one catch as always.
Tax laws do differ quite a lot depending where you are living, I did start this as a topic for german laws but the underlying data gathering issue is something that for sure is more or less generic. I have written a small post in german here.
If you want we can team up and divide the elephant up a bit :)

That is cool. In the US, tax laws regarding crypto are a bit confusing, in my opinion. Building any tax tool would require extensive knowledge on the topic. Coding part shouldn't be that difficult though, since all of the data is easily available. My hesitation to commit to such project would be the possibility of misinterpreting what law requires and potentially creating false confidence in tax compliance for those who use the tool.

At this moment, I am busy with work projects, but it would be great to collaborate on future Hive projects. Thank You Jan.

Yep, the lack of sensible tax laws is an issue.