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RE: Can We Please Not Use Hive Reward Pool For Another HBD Stabilization Attempt?

in LeoFinance2 months ago

It depends which devs you are talking about. You are absolutely right and bring up a great point. Reward pool for authors/curators already gave up 10% or so (I thought it was even 15%) for DHF to happen.

There are some devs like Leofinance who hasn't taken a penny from DHF and keep building for Hive and its community. I can only hope stakeholders can see it and at the very least vote for leofinance witness.


We took a big hit for that dhf, between its 10% and the up to 50% tax on having less than 160,000hp, I think we need to be given something back.
They have over 30 million usd in that dhf.
I don't see 30 million usd worth of things that need changing.