Netflix & Microsoft Partnership - Desperate Move Or Brilliant Business Decision?

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Netflix is entering into partnership deal with Microsoft for its plans to launch ad-supported subscription plans. Wow! I am not excited about this news. I have always been fond of Netflix, its innovation, vision, and execution of brilliant business decisions. I have expressed my thoughts regarding this in Netflix - Impressive Business Decisions from a few months ago. I have even promised to never cancel my Netflix subscription regardless I use the service or not. This has been a pioneer and is a special kind of a company that I could stand by as a loyal customer.

This new partnership with Microsoft and their plans to launch ad-supported subscription tier may just be a deal breaker, and I will have to retract my never-ending support for Netflix. I don't like both parts of this deal. I absolutely dislike ads and commercials. I believe they are deceptive and intrusive. I do, however, I understand the need for marketing and advertising. They can be useful if done right. There is long overdue need to reinvent how advertising is done. One of the main reasons I think Netflix have become successful and earned respect around the world is because they resist the path of using ads and commercials for a long time.

As companies grow and become bigger, their original vision gets lost and forgotten, not because original innovators and visionaries are gone. But mainly the focus shifts to making investors happy and a lot of decision making is done by company boards. Company boards are another thing I dislike. They are not the pioneers, visionaries and innovators. Their priority usually is maximizing the profits and when they become bigger voices in decision making they tend to move away from what made these companies great in the first place.

One example is how the board fired Steve Jobs at Apple. This is a great story that demonstrates when original long term vision is lost, and companies start focusing on short term profits, they are doomed. It may have took decades for Apple coming close to bankruptcy, it has been clear that it stopped innovating after Steve Jobs was fired. At the same time Steve Jobs went on building other companies and contributing to innovations even more. When Apple finally was going bankrupt, it was Steve Jobs who came back to save it. Not only he was able to save the company, he made Apple one of the best innovators again.

Netflix and Microsoft partnership reminds me of another company, Nokia. Remember Nokia? Company that once was the pioneer and innovators in telecommunications space. Nokia was the top cellphone makers for a very long time. Even during the transition from flip phones to smartphones time, Nokia was still leading. It was Nokia who produced first smartphones, had app store that allowed users to install mobile apps. It has a mobile OS that developers could build mobile apps for. I believe this was all being innovated even before iPhones.

Their doom came with their arrogance of being the leader in the space and declining to pivot. The biggest mistake was when they chose resistive touch screens over capacitive touch screens. They just couldn't imagine the powerful nature using multitouch gestures with fingers, zooming in/out. Another mistake was their failure to understand that physical keyboards were no longer needed. The insisted that physical keyboards on smartphone would always be needed. lol.

They eventually realized their mistakes, but it was too late. We can see the clear contrast between a company who was as successful in cellphone space but was able to pivot at the right time, even if they had to engage in plagiarism. That was Samsung. Samsung was so smart to go with the flow and see where the future was heading, and they ended up producing the best Android phones.

Back to Nokia. So Nokia failed, or was failing. Who came to the rescue? It was Microsoft. First they entered into a partnership deal. Microsoft also made blunders in their attempt to grab market share in the smart phones space. They failed at delivering Windows mobile. It is just incredible to think about it in retrospect. This is a company who concurred the world with their operating system and became the top brands in computer technologies with their Windows OS. The richest software company in the world with all the resources you can wish for when building new things and innovating couldn't succeed in delivering a mobile operating system. They didn't even see this coming. They too became too obsessed with profits and pleasing investors, and lost their ability to innovate. They were playing a catch up game.

So, two companies who failed in smartphones space, came up with a brilliant idea of partnership, lol. But failure plus failure doesn't result in success. It was a desperate move. What was even more desperate when Microsoft bought Nokia or part of it, to continue their push to grab some market share. They spent a lot of money and the end result was nothing. This may even be the most unsuccessful partnership attempts.

When I see Netflix and Microsoft partnering to regain their momentum in streaming space, my worry is that this journey may end up becoming another failure. Could this be the beginning of the end of Netflix? I tend to think so. I hope I am wrong, and it will work out great for Netflix.

Streaming space has become very competitive in recent years. I think we will see more merges, and partnerships. But Microsoft entering this space is unexpected. One of the reasons and predictions I have read is this might be an exit strategy for Netflix. Their end goal may be to be acquired by Microsoft. That would be a worse outcome for the platform, but shareholders will probably make some profits. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what board members have come up with behind the closed doors.

Netflix has been struggling as of late. They have been losing subscriptions. Netflix stock price dropped from $700 to $174 in less than a year. But many tech stocks have dropped in price in recent months. Stock prices go up and down. I doubt Netflix was one of the companies that would disappear in the future. They always had a good business model and kept coming up with good business strategies to stay as the best streaming service. I think if stayed the course and focus on their core long term mission, they would just be fine. Their stock prices would go up again eventually. They would gain more subscribers in time as well. It seems to me they are choosing an easy solution and short term recovery which completely goes against their original vision.

One thing Netflix could learn from Apple is, Apple is great in building loyal customer base and continue focusing on high quality products. For this reason Apple has nothing to worry about. Instead, Netflix chose to learn from Microsoft, a company that usually plays a short term game. Remember Microsoft Zune? That's a story for another time.

What do you think? Is Netflix and Microsoft partnership a brilliant business decision or is it just desperate reaction to stock prices and fear of competition in streaming space?

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Netflix are in trouble for sure, that’s a massive drop in the stock price, not hopeful that Microsoft can do much to stop the bleed.

This was an enlightening read and such an interesting take. I used to wonder how Nokia phones became history so quickly and now I know. Thank you.

From all the details and receipts you’ve given, Microsoft sounds like bad vibes to be honest and giving how bad the situation already is for Netflix, I think I your speculation that this is their way out could be true.

To make it short, Netflix may possibly get at least one consumer less... The current model is great, both in terms of ads, price, etc. This is what I like with it. If this changes, well I will move away. We have so much choice on the market.

PS: Although I used to be loyal to Apple, the last laptop I bought may be ny last Apple laptop... The quality is not as good as it used to be...

Make that two!
I haven't tried any of the newer Apple computers yet. I still use my old iMac and MacBook Pro. Great thing about Apple products is that they last for a long time.

I have three Apple laptops here: one from 2012, one from 2016 and one from 2021. The 2012 works better than the 2016 one, and I am not happy with the 2021 one at all (it heats a lot, is noisy, the battery dies fast, etc.). As you can see, I have some points of comparisons...

However, I have not tested the M1 chip ones, that are the newest ones.

I think both, this is indeed a great combination or going to be a great team work

Just another takeover… imho

Some big news there; I'm not feeling great about it. In Australia we have a service we pay for, Foxtel Now - costs $35 a month (I know, a lot more than the 11 bucks Netflix wants) - and they start every episode with an AD. Every time I start a show I think, 'Why am I paying for ads?'.

That said, if it helps Netflix grow and produce more content, I could also see the advantages in it. I could handle it if the ads were at the start of the show, if they were throughout, there's no way there would be value in that subscription.

Many streaming platforms like Hulu, Paramount+ offer cheaper subscription plans with ads. I guess as long as there is an option without ads, it could work. They probably did their studies and maybe see their competition doing better with multiple options.

The whole model is breaking down. None of these platforms make money on there streaming services. Still burning cash and now with interest rates and cheap money getting tight it’s gonna show. Obviously the Amazon’s and Disney’s have profits from other parts of biz but streaming alone services none make money currently. Netflix especially. Stock down like 70%, it’s a shit show

If I talk about Eas Asian region Netflix has lost a lot subscription during a year, and it seems people are moving towards cheap options locally available, in India Hotstar and Amazon Prime are in league with Netflix. Indian firms has also developed local streaming channels that are way cheaper than international streaming services and they provide streaming videos with subs and native voiceover options.

In my opinion any company partnered with MS has no big future, MS arrogance can let them fail sooner or later.


Netflix is burning money and Microsoft may be wanting a piece of the streaming pie.

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I don't think it will really do much. From what I see, the focus shouldn't be on ads but more on how to attract customers. A decade ago, there weren't very many subscriptions but there are just way too many now and people will be selective about their subscriptions.

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They are bleeding subs now. They don’t make a profit and still burn cash. This won’t end well. I’d guess they merge at some point with someone else. All the steaming companies don’t make money on there streaming services. They burn cash and say they will make money soon. It’s a joke.

Stock is lowest its been in 7 plus years and down 75%



I vote desperate move. Stocks down 75% or so. Sub numbers dropping after years of gains only. Desperate indeed.


They are in serious trouble soon

I don't know what kind of ad-supported plan will they launch, but if ads will appear during the series/movies and they will want extra money for ad-free subscription, it is shooting in the foot.

Well I don't really think Netflix can go away like that because most of the people use it now infact they prefer it than downloading movies. But in the aspect of the drop, I just think it would be about the access which it has given to people because when one person does the subscription he or she is able to share login without other probably that might be a big issue also . Just my own view tho..

Most of the people used to use Nokia as well. We can't predict the future. We can only guess, I guess.

Yeah tho,you are right.. well you can sometimes guess right also let's see how it goes

Netflix loses money every year. Not making a profit yet. It will fail if this doesn’t change. But honestly anyone willing to pay and watch ads well I just don’t get it.

Yeah every year they loose money which I believe is a normal thing but when it gets too much is when it's not normal

Yup, this looks pretty bad


Wao, this is beyond the normal state. I hope they are able to survive

Having commercials was inevitable.. some Cable TV channels started commercial-free Then they get you to subscribe and add them later, when you are used to the convenience(get you hooked, the first ones free!)
Here's an article that gets you used to the idea:

Netflix wants to expand in a Bear Market without having cash, Microsoft has cash but everything they touch turn to dirt.

Sounds like a good fit?

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I absolutely dislike ads and commercials.— they can be so annoying trust me . I feel some type of way about this development too . Netflix as you said has been notable for its adverts free streaming platform. Now with the collaboration with Microsoft for an ad subscription plan one just wonders how the teeming subscribers of Netflix will take in this new update.

I believe that everything that is done outside the blockchain today is a desperate move. Nice post! You are a great Hive users

awwww! :( that sucks, but i'm sure netflix got paid big time for that..

Microsoft seems to want to buy every app which run on PCs without Windows.

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Netflix should steer clear of Microsoft, unless they really are working on an exit strategy... I guess they might be getting tired of the whole thing, now that they have enough money?

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