Let's Make HiveSQL Free Again

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Today I was going do some quality work using HiveSQL. But I kept getting login error. Usually this may happen where there is a maintenance going on with the service. I also thought maybe my account was suspended for overuse or something.

hen I found out that HiveSQL is no longer funded by Decentralized Hive Fund. Good news is the HiveSQL funding proposal is not far away from being funded. Currently, the proposal is receiving 19.77m in votes and the return proposal is at 22.44m. So, I am optimistic it will be funded and become free once again soon.

In the meantime, those who use HiveSQL and Apps that rely on HiveSQL won't be able to use it for free. There is still paid subscription option available too.

What is HiveSQL?

HiveSQL is a database that stores all Hive blockchain data on MS SQL Server and as a service it lets users get Hive data more efficiently compared to getting data directly from Hive blockchain. It is created and maintained by @arcange.

This service known to be easy and fast to user. Moreover it is known to be reliable in performance and accuracy. I personally was motivated to learn SQL because of this service and my desire to learn more about HIve.

I use it on regular basis to quickly get the data I interested. I also used it to develop two Apps: HiveLibrarian and LibrarianSearch which assist in getting task specific data like past conversations, rich list, HP delegations, and searching posts for curation purposes. Without this service these apps are dead for now.

If you find this service to be beneficial to Hive and the community, please vote for the proposal 138 - Proposal to make HiveSQL free again #138.

Here is the original post by @arcange about the proposal:


Here is the proposals voting page on Hive.blog:


If you decide to vote for the proposal, it is a proposal #138 and titled Proposal to Make HiveSQL Free Again.

Thank You!

P.S. Arcange just published an update post on HiveSQL explaining the situation and it seems like a temporary thing. Feel free to read more here:


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Oh no! I use HiveSQL often too so hope it goes back above the funding line. It's a great service and so useful to find out things from the chain!

Is it the same proposal as before or is it a new one that needs a vote?

I think it is the same one. Arcange just posted an update why it was defunded and it seems like a temporary thing. Service is active now.

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Thank you, just saw that now and can see the reasons for it. With HBD being over double what it is supposed to be, it kinda makes sense but glad it is active again.

I was wondering why it was bust last night. It's working again now. I use it frequently.

Just added my vote. Hope to get around to giving it a try some day.

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I just voted for the proposal. I hope it helps to keep it funded because I think it is a good tool for the community. The data that @amr008 pulls from HiveSQL has been very helpful.

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