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Hive Librarian is an app I made almost a year ago and it has suite of tools that each Hive Bees should have in their toolbox. It also contains the best curating tool in the market and it is free. Hive Librarian is powered by HiveSQL and built using Streamlit. To start using the app, visit Make sure to bookmark it or you can always find it in my profile page.

The very first tool you can use in Hive Librarian is Conversations. Click the checkbox to see the input fields needed to be filled in to get the conversations. The idea is to get the historical Hive conversations in the comments between two users. The results will output all responses by Hive user-1 to Hive user-2.

It is useful when you trying to remember an answer to a question you asked in the past on Hive. You know the answer is there and who may have answered it, but it is not easy to find that information. For example, once I asked TheCallMeDan to explain Speak network coins in simpler terms and he did give a great answer. I don't remember the details. But since Speak network will be claim dropping some coins next month, I probably should revisit that comment to refresh my memory. And here is the answer.


Leaving user-2 input blank will display all the posts user-1 published on Hive. When you are curating and want to learn more about the user and what they have been posting, this feature can be useful. You could do the same thing by going to user's Hive blogs page. But they will only show the titles and thumbnails. With Hive Librarian you can see all the content open and scrolls through to see the full content of all posts. This can make curating more efficient.

Next is, Hive Rich List. As the name suggest, it can help sorting through all Hive accounts and listing accounts based on how much HP, liquid Hive or HBD, delegated HP, or funds in savings, etc. Then there is HP Delegations, that can show all the delegations sent or received by the account or only the active delegations. Try yourself, see who I am delegating HP to.

Dynamic Global Properties are there just to give some extra information. Most may not find it useful. Recently, I found out that HBD interest rate went up to 12%. By checking hbd_interest_rate we can confirm that is indeed the case. Having an easy access to see all dynamic global properties and their values from time to time can be useful too, I think.

And then there is the main feature of the App - Librarian Hive Search. Since it required more space for input fields, I had to make it as a separate app and only provide the link in the main app. Link is there if you click Hive Posts Search or you can visit the app directly here -

Curation is alive and well on Hive. There are many who curate Hive posts on daily basis for various curation projects, tribes, communities. There are also many individual curators. Curating is a time consuming work and finding what you are looking for might not be a simple task. Many curators have developed their own methodologies to make this process more efficient. When I used to curate full time, I used to use HiveSQL. Even with that I would spend countless hours.

Librarian Hive Search can help you make this process easier for you too. I do use it myself. I still curate for Curie from my @librarian account when I get a chance. Maybe not on a daily basis. But a few day a week I try to spend some time on curating.

The app is not the most user friendly one. When you go to the page, things may seem confusing, and too many input fields available. But it works as intended. You may have to spend couple minutes to figure out what is what. I didn't get a chance to work more on it and improve UX. Simply because there weren't many using. If more people start using it and give feedback, I might get motivated to dedicate some time to add improvements. :)

Don't be confused with many input fields. You may not even use most of them. They are there just as options. If they left blank or with default values, it will not affect the results returned. Only focus on the things that you would like to sort by.

By default the results will return 10 posts, but that number can be increased up to 500. I could make that number even bigger, but 500 is a lot of posts already for any curator to deal with.

Dates and times are self-explanatory. By default, the results will return posts for the last seven days.

Apps used to post can be useful for those who would like to see posts only made by certain apps. Default value is all. I don't see proofobrain there. Making a mental note to POB.

External link - After results are returned, there is an option to visit the original post at the selected external link app/tribe. This will not work properly for Apps like DBUZZ, 3SPEAK, DPOLL and VIMM. Because formatting of links is in some of these apps is not same as with or other condenser based apps. Hopefully, I will fix that in future. For now when one of these apps is selected, external link will default to

We can define min and max values for author reputation, length of the post by characters, pending payout, number of votes, number of comments, hive power. Default values for all are so that they include all posts.

Then there are include/exclude parameters for tags, authors, and voters. Most useful one is probably the tags. We can define as many tags as we like. They all need to be separate with space. There is an Any/All option as well. If Any is chosen it will return all posts if any of the tags appear in the post. If All is chosen then it will return if all tags are used in the post.

We can also sort posts by defining if certain word or words are in the title or the body of the post. The opposite can be done as well, if we don't want to see posts that contain certain words in the title or the body text.

Finally, the results can be displayed in two ways: title only or full content. Title only option is the default and works the best. This means the results will be a list of titles with some small details about the post. We can expand the post to see the full content by clicking the Show/Hive Content button for each post.

Give it a try, and see if this can help your curating activities on Hive. You don't need to use all of the parameters. Just change the ones you need. Usually, it will only be few of them.

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OMG!!! Just took a small little browse of the app, it was enough to get me excited though. Been here on hive for 16 days 1st week+ was tough until I bought myself some HP. Anyways I have been doing tons of searches using the basic tools. This App on the other hand will increase my search ability and expand the results for to study. Yea Yea I get to learn faster love the idea.

Awesome. I am glad you found to be useful. Welcome to Hive!

Welcome here, it's a pleasure to meet you 🙌 If you have questions, feel free to ask. I can also point you to some resources if you are in the mood to learn more about the inner workings of Hive :) ...

I can also point you to some resources if you are in the mood to learn more about the inner workings of Hive

I am here ooo, please, point me to those inner workings of Hive, thank you 🤗

Of course ❤️@ryzeonline has many guides available, and you can always get live help at @theterminal - and @dreemport is an amazing way to get new eyes on your content ❤️ Is there anything else you would like to know?

Hahaha, thanks, but, I already know about all three. I was hoping there are newer things I may not know about 🥺

There probably are, but I'm not that much of an expert😂 Have you heard about VYB?

Hahaha, that's okay. No, I haven't heard much about VYB. Can you throw more light on it for me?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, here's one link. I can supply more if needed. The frontend is up and running 🙌

Is the site offline? I get an application error.

Yes. Heroku stopped free tier. I didn’t get a chance to move it to paid tier yet. Since it wasn’t being used much, I wasn’t sure if paid tier was justified.

I will fix it once I get some time.

@geekgirl, the Hive Librarian isn't working anymore. I have been using it to track my engagement and conversation with other Hivers.

Is it possible to have it updated? 🥺

Please 🥺🤲

I will work on migrating the hosting for it or some other solution later this month.
It wasn't being used much, so I wasn't sure that paying for hosting would justify the costs.
I will figure something out.

Thank you!

I understand, Ma'am. Thank you so much ❤️

The first impression on the curation app is nice - do you know how curation time has changed over recent times ? Like what is the best time to curate ? 2 minutes or 5 ?

I think in the first 24 hours every upvote is treated the same way. So the minutes and seconds don't matter anymore and there is no early voter advantage in the first 24 hours. I might be wrong, but that was my understanding.

This is correct.
This was changed to the more linear 24 hour rewards last HF.

Very smart and helpful tool. I like the comment search feature. There have been times when I wanted to look back on a comment I said a long time ago and then not even bothered to search for it because I knew it would take forever to find it. Now I know what tool to use for next time. That's great!

You do have a lot of comments. :)

You should be awarded The Top Commenter Of Hive, if there is such a thing.

Haha yeah. I have a lot of free time these days lol.

You should be awarded The Top Commenter

Haha that would be nice.

Comments are really important, they are what connects us :) ... I'm on my own little comment spree this month 😂

Yes, I agree.

I'm on my own little comment spree this month

That makes two of us 😆

Yep this is pure genius. Thanks for creating and sharing this.

Thank you!

That is an interesting collection of tools. I added it to my list of HIVE resources.

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Great. Thank you.

Curating is a time consuming work and finding what you are looking for might not be a simple task.

I was looking for such an app, I am definitely going to try out this.

This seems super useful.
I love the conversation function.

I will start using it.
Thank you for creating this service

@simplegame(2/4) gave you | wallet | market | tools | connect | <><

Thank you @simplegame!

This is a damn fine tool you created. Thank you very much for sharing!

Thank you Scholaris!

You're very welcome. Thanks to you as well. I always check on engagement when trying to moderate. This tool should speed things through very well for me.

Bookmarked. There is also, and . These apps show you information which is not in the other front ends. You cannot post with them though.

Thanks for sharing. I will try them. I normally use

I would like the Conversations app should also have where to display the post - I would prefer Peakd.

I will try to add that when I get a chance and get into coding mode. :)

Thank you Sanjeevm.

Wauuu this is really explanatory,I have never heard of it before,I will definitely go download and start using it.thanks for the information.

No need to download anything. Just a website. I am glad you liked it. Thanks.

O!sorry about that,all right thanks alot for the correction.

Thank you for this, I love the conversation search function, sometimes dificult to find something somebody said and this works great. Although ;-) a little bit of a stalking application, isnt it? ;-)

Not really. Blockchain data is public.

I like your posts.



Thank you Onealfa!

This is really amazing. Never heard of it but I'll do my best to give it a try.

Librarian 3.0 is here! Looks like a fabulous tool. Bookmarked it. !BEER

Thanks so much for developing this!!! I was wondering how on Earth I was going to find a specific comment which I needed just a few days ago! I got it, but it took forever.

 last year (edited)

I m just glad these Devs are coming out and you are working on something great here.
Thanks and well done.

This is the first time I learn about such a great tool
Although I'm not a curator, I find it quite interesting to look deeply into content on Hive

I was literally just digging through my reply history trying to figure out what I said in a conversation not even a couple days ago. Just pulled up the app and found it in seconds. This is brilliant!

Thanks so much for this :D

It is great to see that it was useful for you. Thank you.

I tried the conversion on my account but it also looks like Actifit links don't work either and I get the error below. Is it the same issue as what you have with DBuzz, 3Speak and others?

Error parsing Markdown or HTML in this string

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yes, probably the same issue. I will take a look when I get a chance. Thank you.

Oh it sure will help my curating all right

I bookmarked it. Really impressed with the kind of value you already made on Hive. Though tech jargons and codes are alien to me, I find girls and guys like you who can create apps really amazing!

This quite extensive. Do you by any chance have a background in Librarianship? Just curious. Thanks for creating and sharing it.

I do like Libraries. Thank you.

Hello and You're welcome, @geekgirl! Have a very Merry Christmas 🎄and a Happy and Prosperous New Year! 🍾

Made in Canva

-- @lisamgentile1961

@geekgirl! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @lisamgentile1961. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

Made in Canva

-- @lisamgentile1961

Wow. Extremely useful tool. Thanks for sharing with us!

Greetings mam @geekgirl
Can you please suggest me a tool or site that help me to know about the pending weekly rewards of my posts I'm going to have. If available let me know please. This one is helpful indeed and worth to bookmark.
Wish to have a solution from you, thank you!

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Thank you so much mam for this helpful site link. Its really what I was looking for 💖

If you use PeakD, which is a Hive frontend, can got go to the Payouts option on your profile to see upcoming rewards.

Nice tool. I like these type of tools as researching certain things become easier.

Then also, newbies can learn a lot from history..

I am checking it out right away

It really is useful. Voted on behalf of the Neoxian city paper.

Awesome! Thank you!

You are genius, I appreciate your effort
Keep it up

Wow this is really awesome

@emeka4(1/1) gave you | wallet | market | tools | connect | <><


Thank you.

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Definitely bookmarked this to check out later when I have a few moments to experiment with it. This can be a major time savor.

Thanks for all the love and time put into this.

I'm still in diapers @geekgirl, I don't quite understand how Hive works but here I go, not giving up!

Hampir setiap pengunjung mencintai termasuk saya yang belum lama saya di sini...ilove