Hive - Intersection of Liberal Arts & Technology

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To quote one of the greatest minds and visionaries in technology and computers, Steve Jobs - It is in Apple's DNA that technology alone is not enough. It is technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing. Demonstration of this profound concept in practice can be observed throughout Steve Jobs' career. We can the implementation of the same philosophy over and over at the beginning of the Apple, NeXT, Pixar, and return to Apple. When I think Hive, especially in comparison to other crypto projects and technologies, Hive reminds of this intersection where the magic happens, the intersection of liberal arts and technology.

Jobs never kept this concept a secret. In fact, he inspired and motivated many to think this way about technology, the technology that improves lives, the technology that enables us to do things we already do in a more meaningful manner. As I recall, he attributes the influence of one specific class he took at college for his approach to computer technologies. While he never graduated from a college, he had said that calligraphy class he took taught played great role for him in learning about typefaces and later later included them in Mac computers.

There is no doubt technology has been continuously advancing in a rapid speed thanks to our collective human efforts and growth in knowledge and science. Best of technologies has been the one that lift up the lives, and make the world a better place. With Satoshi's of bitcoin to humanity, we are once again going through revolutionary changes. Bitcoin has brought not only a technology that solves many issues in the finance systems, but also has played a significant role in unveiling the problems, and educating people about the money. I like bitcoin and what it does. It achieves its goal through proof of work consensus algorithm. I believe PoW is great solution, especially for the problem bitcoin has been trying to solve.

Hive on the other hand uses DPoS algorithm for reaching consensus. PoW may even be superior to DPoS, however it is not right fit to solving the issues Hive has been trying to solve. Bitcoin solves the money. Hive solves the internet. While Hive does offer financial solutions as well, its core goal is not to fix global financial system. I believe, Hive actually does rely on bitcoin to do that. What Hive tries to fix human digital presence, that bridges digital new world with physical world one and have real impact in real lives of real people.

Hive empowers ordinary people from all walks of live, from anywhere in the world to build better systems, networks, platforms, communities, games without a need to wait for the richest person like Elon Musk to buy a centralized platform like Twitter and fix things. Money and power will always have influence in building new things and perhaps fixing old ones as well. But true innovation that is useful for many comes from people who can relate to issues in the real world, have passion in building, and don't hesitate to use their talents and skills for such efforts. Hive provides tools for ordinary folks to make extraordinary things.

Hive is an open network, and welcomes anybody to join. There is no central body or authority that would say otherwise. Getting started on Hive is easy with opening an account start using any of its social or gaming apps. People are encouraged to build their own digital presence in this new age, and build their own financial equities using their creativity, skills, and talents. Getting started on Hive after obtaining a personal account, is as simple as making an announcement or introduction on one of the many social platforms. Unlike many other crypto projects, Hive people don't ask people to invest in Hive and buy coins so prices go up. Quite the opposite it true, people are encouraged to participate in the network and be rewarded for their contributions and engagement.

This new blockchain technology that is changing the web, has a promise of giving people freedom to build their financial freedoms instead of enriching those who own and control the old centralized platforms. Along with complete ownership of these digital accounts, Hive also provides property rights. Every Hive account comes with wallets, and account name is a wallet address. Just like the content created from these accounts, the ownership of assets is under full control of the account owner. Such open, transparent, and complete ownership of digital presence changes the internet for the better.

Hive is home for many writers, artists, programmers, philosophers, educators, entrepreneurs, students, and people of many different professions and skills. It is people's network. It is for, of, and by the people. While all this is possible with the Hive blockchain as a technology, and the core blockchain team continuously works making this technology better and scalable, what makes this network great is its participants - humans. While Hive blocks are built every three seconds, the heart of Hive ticks every time Hive people share their fiction story, post about their recent travel, publish an educational material and share for free with the world, on and on.

A wise person once told me, every human being has a life story to tell that can be a bestseller, if only they had the proper tools and skills to do so. All aspects of human life are interesting. All experiences are interesting. Sharing knowledge and experiences is what makes are better humans and enable us to contribute to making the world better and prevent bad things from happening. Hive provides tools to people and freedom to use them. Anybody can contribute and participate as much as they want to.

Hive is not just a technology, but is a technology that is pioneering new form of digital world, a better one, that can also translate to improving real world lives. I think this makes Hive a unique blockchain technology. Bitcoin will fix the money, and Hive will fix the web.

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Some very astute observations. I particularly like

Hive people don't ask people to invest in Hive and buy coins so prices go up. Quite the opposite.


While Hive blocks are built every three seconds, the heart of Hive ticks every time Hive people share.

It's kind of weird to see how technology is improving on the crypto layer and how it is improving in normal society. From what I see, mainstream companies are trying their best to be the only seller and they want to limit what you can do with your device.

Then you have the crypto layer where things are more transparent and people are pushing out open-sourced code. Hive is amazing in this way because of how decentralized it is and the power the application can be when they take off.

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Bitcoin will fix the money, and Hive will fix the web.

Bitcoin (BTC) will have to improve a lot to do that.

I still remember, when Steam accepted it for a short time, then they removed it because of the volatility of the Bitcoin price, and because of the significant increase in the transaction fees.

And not to mention the high number of fraudulent transactions during when it was accepted: '50% of transactions were fraudulent' when Steam accepted Bitcoin for payments, says Gabe Newell.

When I say money, I don't mean currency. I know we use these words interchangeably, but they aren't necessarily the same thing. Think of money as a property that can be exchanged but holds its value over long periods of time. Value doesn't mean price either.

Prices for everything changes over time and that's due to the inflations and weak properties of the currency. While currency is something we use as a medium of exchange on daily basis, when it is backed with stronger money, like gold it too can hold its purchasing power for longer than currencies that are not backed with anything except for government's promise and national economy.

Sure bitcoin's price is volatile but in a long run it holds its original value and continues to appreciate in value due to its scarcity, which is one of it features that makes it better money.

Bitcoin doesn't need to improve. It is Valve/Steam that needs to improve. Just because they weren't competent enough to properly implement the technology doesn't mean it was bitcoin's flaw.

Bitcoin will fix the money, and Hive will fix the web. — this is very apt! Bitcoin over the years has been prominent as an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Hive on the other hand is really not leaving any stone unturned as regards Defi and Web 3.0’s full and ultimate initiation. It is indeed an intersection of technology and liberal arts which is yet to realize its full potentials. Glad to be a passenger on this sailing ship!

Design is more important than many of us realize. Apple under Steve Jobs 1.0 made machines which were hit (Macintosh) or miss (Lisa). What he couldn't do at Apple, he did at NeXT, and those Unix computers are legendary to this day. During the time Apple was between Jobs 1.0 and Jobs 2.0, it's products were functional but clunky (Newton). Under Steve Jobs 2.0, nearly all of Apple's physical products became paragons of both design and functionality. Design is crucial.

Hive on the other hand uses DPoS algorithm for reaching consensus. PoW may even be superior to DPoS, however it is not right fit to solving the issues Hive has been trying to solve. Bitcoin solves the money. Hive solves the internet.

This is an important reminder that we need the right tools to solve whatever problem we face. There are many ways to solve a problem, and many of those will solve it. However, we have to keep in mind the problem we want to solve. Even Dogecoin solved a few problems (including its switch from PoW to Auxiliary PoW after the hack that nearly killed it just weeks after it was officially launched).

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In order for Bitcoin to be the leading currency, it must stabilize a little in price with reducing transfer fees

I doubt it can ever be stable as long as it is priced in fiat, because fiat keeps losing purchasing power over time. Bitcoin's price appreciation is expected due to its scarcity and fiat keep losing its value. It is a good thing, it preserves the original wealth.

Yes hive is open network and welcome anybody from worldwide. You explained hive in a details and this blog is helpful for all kind of people whoever curious to know more about hive. Thanks for your efforts to create such helpful blog ❤️💗💓

I start my day reading two-three best blogs from Hive, especially the finance one. Truly @geekgirl , hive is the home to many.

I always love reading your posts, it's very informational. Although, the last one I read sent me to the hospital but I'm okay now.😁😁

lol, sorry. I hope you got some pain-killers.

Yes, I do. My doctor advised me to take 2 before reading your post.😁😁

Anywho, if you're interested in funny stories I recommend you read my latest funny story "The Hooker".😊😎

This is really awesome about the hive blockchain which I appreciate a lot with the impact it offers to change lives positively.

Yes, hive is just awesome. It provides the tools and the platform for us to just be and interact with other hivers..

Hive is easy to open an account. There you have everything you need to create, interact and earn. Although at first it looks complex. There's so much you can do !

Bitcoin has facilitated financial transactions, as global systems have become dependent on it in their trade because it is easy to transfer and people can see records of buying and selling transparently. The decentralization feature makes the Hive platform very popular.

Great Hive article, processed my first block the other day joining the witness ranks. You write very well and Hive is lucky to have such talent !1UP !PGM

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Hiverdinger seems to be your spiritanimal.

Who is Hiverdinger?

It's a two-part word, the first half is a region or cultural space, in this case "Hive". While the second part "-dinger" meaning "a thing" is made of those influences.
For example, in Bavaria, there are a lot of wild rabbits, ducks, deer, foxes and bores. Therefore this is a Woiperdinger:

Of course, it's not just one version of it, rather people made those, actually, they patched those together with taxidermy skills for hundreds of years already.


An Hiverdinger would then be an animal looking like a mixture of the people of Hive. Full disclaimer, I don't think it's legal to craft a Hiverdinger, but I won't judge.

This, however, is harder to say better. Thanks for sharing. 👏 😎

All aspects of human life are interesting
This sums up hive and its openness to diverse aspects of life. Tying into what the person sees and ready to get for themselves while it's still available

the picture alone made me come here then the article made me smile inside.

good on ya

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very informative, thanks for sharing

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